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If you’re like me and you love physical books and despise eBooks you will be getting tired of shelling out money to buy the books you want. And while libraries offer some solace, not every place has free libraries. So what does one do? I’ve compiled a list of places you can get cheap or free books.

1. Libraries

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Now now, don’t jump at me. Not only do libraries lend books but on those terrible days where they shut down for good, they also sell books or even give them away. One of my local libraries shut down and ended up giving away books that weren’t in a great condition. Mostly Sidney Sheldons and the like that was over read and browning but hey, a book is a book. In certain places libraries are free (UK for example) and in these places you should take advantage of their classics and save your money for new releases.

2. Used Book Stores / Thrift Stores.

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There are many used bookstores on the internet these days (check my list here) and also thrift stores where there are some. You can get books for even 30 rupees (or a dollar or a pound) in these places so it’s best to take advantage of them. Sometmes the books are brand new and being sold because of some error in publishing. Some page didn’t line up or whatever. Do we care? As long as it is readable I’m fine with it.

3. Book Swaps

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This is perfect for those who have a lot of books to get rid of and a need for more reading material. Even more perfect if you want the same age group you’re reading at! There are many groups on goodreads or on Facebook where you can swap and exchange books. I’ve even made on myself if you want to join and invite your bookish friends. The nice part about this is that you also get to make new bookish friends!

4. Simply asking people

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Simply ask your family and friends to let you know before they toss books away. If they want you can pay them what they’d get at a used book store or just take it off their hands for free. This way you get new book on the cheap or for totally free. Make sure to pass on the favour with your own books though.

5. Unhauls.

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Many people unhaul their books. Maybe they need the space to do something else or maybe they’re moving and don’t want to carry the mass market paperbacks or more common editions. Whatever the reason, keep a look out for these in your area. You could get some real gems in these unhauls and you might even get to know some interesting people while meeting up to pick them up.

6. Deal of the days

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Places like Amazon have lightning deals every few hours where you can nab books for really cheap. I’ve gotten quite a few books this way thanks to some amazing friends who alert me to these deals. Keep an eye out and you could get some great stuff!

7. Giveaways

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This is a newer thing but it’s such a nice feeling to win something when you’re having an awful day. Even better if you win that book that you really want but are too over your book budget to buy. Goodreads has some pretty great giveaways and all you have to do it write a review when you’re done! (It’s not necessary but let’s be nice ok).

Happy reading!