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Bookstagram is a wonderful place full of gorgeous book covers, rare editions and shelf envy. But it’s really difficult for new bookstagrammers to get recognition especially when they do it for the love of books. I’m still struggling to compose a good photo but here are a few new ones who’ve nailed the photo game.

1. The_Bandar_Blog

The Bandar Blog

The Bandar Blog is run by Ali, a veterinarian and Hufflepuff who posts prettyrefreshing pictures of YA books. I love how she colour coordinates things and makes things look so nonchalantly done when in reality it would take ages to compost a picture like that. She also has a blog, ThisBandarBlog, where she talks all things books.

2. Sammydee14


Run by Sam from the wonderful blog, This Crime Book, this bookstagram account is absolutely on point. With perfectly composed pictures on rustic or floral backgrounds this is something I love following because I live in a damn concrete jungle. She’s really sweet as well.

3. TheReaderAndTheChef


Self proclaimed YAbook and food lovers, this account is perfect for you if you’re a foodie. Books are great at anytime but they are better when you have delicious food to munch while reading them. Right? They have their own private accounts which they’ve linked if you’re interested and their blog is also at thereaderandthechef.

My pictures don’t do these people’s feeds justice so I suggest you hop onto their accounts and click that follow button. They deserve a lot more followers than they already have.

*Pictures belong to respective accounts, I’m just showcasing them here.