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Another book box review, isn’t that exciting? This time it is another giveaway win and it is Pandoria!

IMG_7977Pandoria isn’t actually officially launched yet, but I believe they are taking orders. Based in Hyderabad, Pandoria was inspired by Fairyloot and started by youngsters who realised that others like them might be craving book boxes (books, food and craft) but can’t afford the whole intl shipping shebang.



It comes packed in a cardboard box lined with foil, I’m assuming they’ll add a nice box once they launch officially and come up with their icons and all. But it is still really well packed with paper confetti and bubble wrapping.


Each box will have a theme, a recipe and a DIY item since everyone on the Pandoria team is an art lover. It also contains a handmade bookmark, which is so sweet. This box was a Pot And Pickles themed box and it contained one of the authors I’ve been dying to read for a long time, Fredrik Backman. I wanted to get my hands on A Man Called Ove for a long time but alas, it didn’t happen. So I’m really happy to get my hands on this.

I like that the books are wrapped, it has a bit of a BlindDateWithABook theme going on. You don’t really get spoiled for the surprise. Although unboxings online would do that anyway. The DIY pack, the tattoos and the pen to my niece because I think she’ll have a lot more fun with it than I would. Same with Oreo Churros (I’ll have to make that though, she’s too young too.)


It also contained a handmade bookmark, a diy kit, cigarette sweets, a little novelty pen, a recipe for Oreo Churros and another book! The other book was a classic and it was A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.


What I really liked about this box was the fact that the bookmark was handmade, as was the recipe. Even the note was handwritten, not printed off and this made it feel like maybe your friend was sending you package.


The prices and other details aren’t known to me yet but I’ll add a link to their website once it’s done.

Btw they are holding a giveaway right now on their instagram so go check it out immediately. The next box if Girl Power and if the rumour mill is to be believed there’s going to be a funko pop!

What did you think? Does this look like a fun box?