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If you guys recall, a week ago I mentioned that I wanted to hold a twitter chat based on Bookstagram. I was worried about hosting it alone so when one of my favourite bookstagrammers (TheBookSatchel) replied saying sheโ€™d love to be co-host, I jumped on the opportunity (and up and down on my bed in glee).


We held it on wedesday 8:30 PM IST and it was quite the success and I replied to everyone enthusiastically. So enthusiastically in fact that I managed to exceed my twitter limit and was in twitter jail for a whole two hours.

The Questions we asked were:

And our last question (and my favourite)

You can check out the hashtag here.

We had some amazing replies and some amazing recommendations. I’ll try to list them all below but if I miss any, let me know.

Thanks to those who joined us and made this a successful chat. We had Bina, Whitney, Vijayalakshmi, Naz,ย mebeingquixotic, Kris, Samantha, Christine, Ishita, Nikita, Zoe, Bookish Moments, Mishma, Dominique, MC, Faroukh, Gemma, Josephine, Nada, Patty, Ceillie, Karin, Elin, Nicole, Sydney , Emmy, Jananee, Jignashaย and Loreto

I’ve missed a few, mainly because twitter is an idiot and keeps refreshing the page and taking me to the topmost tweets. So please comment if you took part in the conversation and I’ll add you.

I’ve also linked to everyone’s blogs because they’re bloggers and who doesn’t love bloggers. Also they’d have their social links so you can follow them everywhere.