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This has been a weird week for me. I’ve almost read a book a day to make up for my lack of reading earlier and it’s actually going pretty well. It’s been sort of a TBR takedown, if you will. I’ve finished The Square Root Of Summer, The Sandman, The Magician’s Guild 1, The Widow and Ranga Half Pants. A mixed bag of books. I’ve already reviewed The Square Root Of Summer here but the rest of my reviews are yet to be posted. I thought I’d do a little sum up for you.

The sandman was good, not great, a 3 star rating. I wasn’t really convinced by the villain. The Magician’s Guild was a little too immature for my taste. I hear the series picks up after a while but I don’t think I’ll be investing any more in it. The Widow was another disappointment. Why on earth do people still keep saying “The next Gone Girl?” it sets standards too high and the book fails miserably! And finally Ranga half pants which was an absolute delight to read.


Cardcaptor Sakura is a show I grew up on. I watched it every evening after school and wanted to be just like her! I even made up a notice board thing like the one her family uses and made everyone write in it. My family was very amused.

Recently I decided to rewatch the whole thing, except the movies. ANd i found that while I did enjoy the show, it was very screechy and preachy. That rhymes. I mean, when i was younger I felt like all her suggestions and the advice she got or gave was so helpful and I tried to be like that. But as a grownup it’s so obviously preachy that I LOLed a couple of times! Has that ever happened to you, where you watch a show you used to love and now fin it hilarious? I still like the show but it’s just…..disappointing.

Apart from this I’m hosting a Blogger Chat on twitter. My cohost will be Resh from The Book Satchel; you all know her and adore her. Her bookstagram is one of the most fantastic ones I’ve seen so who else to co-host a bookstagram chat. I’ll add timings and everything to the end of the post after we decide which is the perfect time to host it. We want a lot of people to participate and we are trying to figure out what is a good time. You’re welcome to join us there, just let us know in the comments what would be a convenient time for you.

I’m still doing the A to Z bookstagram challenge on my instagram if you’re interested in joining in. Let me know by tagging me in your first post so I can follow your pics. I’d love to see what you post.

Apart from this I’ve baked and consumed 38 orange sugar cookies in four hours, successfully bake my first cinnamon roll from Mary’s test Kitchen and finally, made my first Pumpkin French Fry (it sucks btw, too bloody sweet). What’s your week been like? Read anything good? Tell me everything, I want to know.

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