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IMG_7540You must have heard of the Juggernaut app, particularly if you’re in or from India If you haven’t, it’s a mobile-first publishing company started by Chiki Sarkar and Durga Raghunath. Yeah, you heard that right, Mobile first. That means the books will be published first on the app before it even releases in physical form. You know me well and know that I don’t read ebooks, But YOU guys do, so here’s what’s new!

Firstly they have three new titles releasing this week, A thriller, a romance and a serious translated book about 26/11.


When a billionaire’s son goes missing after a young girl commits suicide, a twisted drama ensues in the thirty thousand corridors of a Delhi court. A cat and mouse game that brings out the worst in men. A gripping crime story, this is the first novel by the multi talented Rajesh Talwar who is currently living in Afghanistan, working with the UN.

(Yes i downloaded the app for you guys)



When Naina Kahyap is faced with the daunting task of finding Mr Right, her siblings and best friend Vandana come to her rescue. Yet she finds herself falling for the one man she cannot stand. Take One More Chance is an intriguing yet hilarious love story of Naina and her arch enemy Aditya Khanna who are pitched against each other by none other than Murphy’s Law. (Isn’t that cover absolutely lovely!)

ZINDAGI_LIVEAnd finally, Zindagi live, which hasn’t released yet Either. It is based on 26/11. Chaos reigns. TV anchor Sulabha and news reporter Vishal forget to pick up their son from the crèche and later find him missing. Written by senior NDTV journalist Priyadarshan, the book follows their increasingly desperate search against the backdrop of one of the most horrific attacks in the city’s history. Author and teacher, Dr Vandana R Singh brilliantly translates the story to English.


The app is pretty handy actually. It has free previews, collections, lists and books starting at 10 Rupees! You can change font, adjust alignment and make the usual adjustments that you could make on any other app.










The categorisation seems pretty good, there’s The Smart List, starting with, ironically, a book on smoking. The bathroom read, let’s face it, we tend to check more often if we have our phone than if we have TP and the Long commute, my personal favourite. The lists itself contain some seriously intriguing titles like ‘Father May Be An Elephant And Mother Only A Basket, But…’, Mafia Queens Of Mumbai, A Place Of No Importance, (Whose author, incidentally, is called the modern R.K.Narayan!), The Peshwa, City Of Death or the Beheading (not sure which title is final) and Sunny Leone’s popular, Sweet Dreams.

The author list itself is quite extensive including Agatha Christie, Classic authors (Stoker, Lawrence, Orwell etc) Jules Verne, Kushwanth Singh, Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan, Nandhini Nayar, Ray Bradbury, Rujuta Diwekar etc. ANd it also includes a lot of free classics just like in the kindle store.

I do think the app is perfect for those who are on the go and I’m not sure if it is international, but if it is I’ll let you know in the comments below. As for me, I’m interested in a whole bunch of their physical titles. Maybe they’ll ad audiobooks too! That’d certainly give me a lot to look forward to.

You can download this either for iOS or android and keep yourself updated on their news on their blog here.

(You can also see how quickly my battery drains, two screenshots and it’s already 1% down! God!)