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If you didn’t know I have a bookstagram (my instagram) and I’ve sort of started a new challenge there. It’s the A to Z bookstagram challenge which is exactly like the A to Z book challenge but with beautiful pictures involved. If you want to join in, just post a picture every day of a book where the author’s surname starts with a letter of the alphabet.


I’m up to C now and of course I posted Agatha Christie. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

In other news I did a little thing and I would love for you guys to check it out. I’ve started a shop on redbubble where I post my little drawings and doodles. It’s a lot of book related stuff so if you like that sort of thing……um….buy them? (Shameless, I know)


The courage to do this is something I never thought I’d have but here it is. I’ve finally posted it and I’m all nervous and excited and terrified at the same time. If you have an account please do follow me or like. It would mean the world to me. If you are in India then you can check them out on Cupick. If you’d like to follow my art-ing then I do have a tumblr and another instagram

In bookish news, I just started The Square Root Of Summer and I’m loving it so far. Have you ever read more than one book at a time? I’m currently reading 8 and it’s confusing me a little. I’ll be finishing Shiva In The City Of Nectar today so that’s one down. But the rest of it will still take time. Silapadhikaram is something I’m reading for my indian reading challenge, it’s an epic and it’s from Tamil Nadu which is a place I haven’t read many books from. It isn’t light reading though, as most epics are, it’s filled with flowery language and references to gods I didn’t even know existed. It’ll take a long time to read!

What’s your reading week been like?