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Women are women’s worst enemies. This is something that everyone who watches Dramatic TV shows knows very well; after all, TV shows have a basis in reality, don’t they. Women plotting against each other, gossiping about each other and forming cliques to hurt other cliques. What is it that makes us ladies hate each other so much? It could be the simple fact that we were each other’s competition and have developed a sort of competitive nature but now that there are enough men to go around (too many men in fact with all the female infanticide going on) why do we still do this?

Women will be the first to put down another woman, if a lady gets a promotion the others will be the first to say that she’s sleeping with the big boss and if a girl dated a guy that someone else likes, all of that someone’s friends will gossip about her enough to destroy her life. I got tired of this crap and this reality, especially in India where every girl is competition for the other so I made a list, scouring the ends of the internet and libraries, of great bookish female friendships or relationships.

1. The Help by Kathryn Stockett


I’ve heard many reviews about this book and almost all of them talk about how great the female friendships are in this book. There’s no Ice Queening or Insta Hate like there is in the majority of books and that there is a realism and comfort shown in the friendship that makes this book brilliant.

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2. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott


The relationship that Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy have is something that most of us single girl children crave more than anything else. Sure they fight a lot, particularly Amy and Jo, but that comes with every sibling and what matters at the end is how them patch up the damage they’ve done (except the manuscript part, HOW COULD SHE) and get back to loving each other unconditionally with no pettiness or snarkiness involved. If you haven’t read this book read it, you’ll feel like you have four amazing sisters of your own.

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3. Anne Of Green Gables by L.M.Montgomery


Anne and Diana have such a sweet and comfortable friendship that it made me want to immediately move to Canada and meet people there because I thought they were nicer. Not just that, the relationship between the two women, young Anne and older Marilla was so beautiful and realistic. Marilla the older disciplining adult and Anne the younger well-meaning clumsy orphan make quite the pair. You’d think that Anne would misuse her fortune and turn nasty like modern books but she doesn’t. She’s perfect and lovely and absolutely wonderful. I believe there’s a movie as well, haven’t watched it though.

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4. Snow Flower And The Secret Fan by Lisa See


This is a book completely based on friendship. I haven’t read it yet but I’ve had it in my wishlist for almost two years now and haven’t bought it yet because I want THIS edition. It’s about a girl called Lily and her laotong who is her emotional match. The Snow Flower introduces herself to Lily by sending a fan with a message written in Nu Shu, a language created by Chinese women to communicate away from the prying eyes of men. This friendship develops over a lifetime and suddenly a misunderstanding arises. I’m hoping it has a happy ending because I’ll cry if it doesn’t. I came to know of the book because of the movie trailer but I’m holding off till I read it first. Picking this up soon.

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5. Sister Of My Heart by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni


I read this book a year after it came out. I was really young then and don’t think I understood too much of the nuances in this book. In fact I don’t think I remember the story all too well either but what I do remember is the relationship between Anju and Sudha. This friendship and sisterhood reminds me that good friends aren’t those you go shopping with and hang out with. They are those that, despite being far away, still care about you and can pick up right where you left off and make you feel loved with the smallest of gestures. I think I asked my favourite cousin to read this after I read it and she was even younger so she couldn’t. But I shall give her a copy for us to read together.

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These are my picks. Three that I’ve read and two that I haven’t. What are your favourite female friendships in books?