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41s7wMi2tyLJihadi Jane

High-school best friends Ameena and Jamilla couldn’t be more different: while one smokes cigarettes in their school playground, the other is a member of her mosque’s discussion group in suburban Yorkshire. When heartbreak and doubt leave Ameena bereft and alone, she turns to Jamilla’s beloved Allah for solace and purpose.
It is then that both girls find themselves entranced by a powerful Internet preacher—Hejjiye, a woman running an orphanage home in support of the men fighting in the name of jihad. Leaving their families and country behind, they run to join the Islamic State in Syria to serve a cause they unquestioningly believe in.
However, things begin to change for the worse once Ameena marries Hassan, a jihadi leader, and suddenly Jamilla begins to see the world that she left everything for differently. Getting out is almost impossible, but there is one way. Will the girls choose a path which might change their lives beyond recognition?

Jihadi Jane, releasing from Penguin Books 24.06.2016


Kalidasa’s most famous play refashions an episode from the Mahabharata, magnificently dramatizing the love story of Shakuntala, a girl of semi-divine origin, and Dushyanta, a noble human king. After their brief and passionate but secret union at her father’s forest ashram, Dushyanta must return to his capital. He gives Shakuntala his signet ring, promising to make her his queen when she joins him later. But, placed unawares under a curse, he forgets her—and she loses the ring that would have enabled him to recognize her. Will the lovers be reunited?
The world’s first full-length play centred on a comprehensive love story, The Recognition of Shakuntala is an undisputed classic of the ancient period. Vinay Dharwadker’s sparkling new translation is the definitive poetic rendering of this romantic-heroic comedy for the twenty-first century stage. His absorbing commentary and notes give contemporary readers an unparalleled opportunity to savour the riches of a timeless text.

Releasing on 21.06.2016 from Penguin

91rXxGdoDrLIn The Bonesetter’s Waiting Room

India defies definition and the story of medicine in India is similarly rich and complex: shaped by unique challenges and opportunities, uniting cutting-edge technological developments with ancient cultural traditions, fuelled by political changes which transformed the lives of millions and moulded by the energy of forceful individuals. Here, Aarathi Prasad investigates how Indian medicine came to be the way it is. Her travels will take her to bonesetter clinics in Jaipur and Hyderabad and the waiting-rooms of Bollywood’s best plastic surgeons and introduce her to traditional healers as well as the world-beating heart surgeon who is revolutionising treatment of the poor around the globe. From the asthma treatment ‘cure’ that involves swallowing a live fish, to ground-breaking mental health initiatives in Mumbai’s Dharavi mega-slum and groundbreaking neuroscience happening inside the Mughal walls of old Delhi, Indian Medicine tells the story of the Indian people, in sickness and in health and provides a unique perspective on the most diverse and fascinating country in the world. Indian Medicine will accompany a programme of Welcome Collection exhibitions and activity exploring India’s rich plurality of cultures of medicine, healing and well-being in Indian cities in 2016.

This one is mainly because I’ve seen a string of terrible doctors (all western medicine) with each one denying the others’ advice. Life would have been so easy if I knew something about health.

Released on the 15th of June from Profile books.