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Cover-mock-up-lr1Why should I believe it; for the child’s insatiable ‘Why’ appetite.

When Miss Vee Noonie falls in love with garlic, there is pandemonium in the house. She is a vampire, after all! Her parents do their best to urge her to stay away from it. Garlic, they tell her, is fatal for vampires. Free thinker Vee’s research tells her that’s not true and she leaves no stone unturned in  convincing her folks. Does she succeed?

Ahem…..again…..I have a new goddaughter (although by this point she isn’t that new anymore) and I, naturally, started hunting for books to start reading to her whenever I visit. While scouring children’s books I came across this lovely publisher called Pickle Yolk books and vanished into a world of adorkable cuteness. Vee Loved Garlic caught my eye and I thought, hey, kids are going to grow up and love vampires anyway, why not start em young. *Wink Wink*. Ok, bad joke. But seriously, imagine getting this lovely little bundle interested in fantasy tales from day one? (Month 3). I tweeted to them telling them how much I loved this and they very kindly sent me one.

The very quality of this book is exceptional! I thought it’d be flimsy pages like a magazine but this one is so well produced that it’ll last me years, perhaps even my grandkids will be able to read it. It’s that good! And the illustrations. Oh god, so lovely. You can check their website for samples but this is such a beautifully illustrated book. It has the dark elements of the vampire-ness but none of the scary bits. It’s very Hotel Transylvania with rich colours and beautiful consistence.

The story was great as well. It’s about (as you read in the blurb) a vampire called Vee who accidentally eats garlic one day and decides that she loves it. Her parent’s shock at this fact does nothing to dissuade her, in fact it only pushes her further to prove that garlic isn’t bad for vampires (there goes our only defence) and in fact, is delicious. Her attempts are met with stubbornness and soon she’s grounded and miserable, till she gets the chance to show them what she means.

Would I read this to a kid? I did. A little kid in our neighbourhood loved it and said, with absolute certainty, “Garlic bread is tasty so garlic is good.” and also gave his nod of approval to this little gem. I really loved it and will cherish it forever. Thank you Pickle Yolk for sending this over. They have a lot of other lovely books as well (Check out Thatha at school), you can find them on the website.