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51bDxkEZZOLThe Vegetarian, which won the Man Booker prize this year, is FINALLY releasing in India. And I can’t wait to read it. It has been my single most anticipated book since Jen Campbell mentioned it on her booktube channel. It comes out 15th June here and unfortnately since we are painting out house buying books is off the budget for a while. Next month though, hopefully I’ll have it.

As a vegetarian myself, and a huge fan of south Korea, I’ve been sort of reluctant to plan a trip there because of the food. I believe they don’t consider fish to be meat so while Pescatarians might have an easy time, vegetarians might have it harder. Of course there are many YouTube channels and blogs that have a guide to vegans in Korea but I’m worried that the places I might visit may not have comfortable eateries. This book might be an interested read.

I’ve actually not gotten much reading done what with a tooth issue (I’m a grinder) and a wisdom tooth that’s stuck under the gum, I’ve been having too much of a headache to read anything lately. Or blog much. I actually paid 2000/- for a plastic mouth guard and on the VERY NEXT DAY read an article in the paper that said “Plastic now linked to teeth decay.’” How exciting is that!

How may of you are Bookstagrammers? If you use it do follow my instagram. I’ve noticed since the algorithm change that my pictures are getting a lot less activity and I’ve missed a lot of posts myself. Mainly from my favourite people, has this happened to you as well? If yes then clearly Instagram doesn’t know us like it claims to.


This book is releasing this month in India, The Unknown Indians. The synopsis is :

The Exploring India series of books are delicious, bite-sized portions of history that will interest every reader who wants to know more about various facets of India.

The Unknown Indians is an unusual book in history as it places those unnamed Indians, who quietly changed the world around them, at the centre of Indian history. It takes the reader on a journey through the lives of minstrels and storytellers; weavers, potters, ironsmiths and carvers; farmers and cooks; and poet rebels.

I don’t know the exact date yet but I’ll update you on those details once I get to know it.
Buy On Amazon. and check out the Exploring India series here.


unnamed2And we ALL love contests. Especially those that give us an opportunity to realise a lifelong dream, that to be a writer. Rupa books held a contest a while back in partnership with Facebook, RED FM and Kolkata Bloggers and the following book is the result of that wonderful collab.

In Bengal Write Ahead, the top fifty pieces, chosen by an eminent jury, are brought together. Each one of the articles evokes a unique aspect of Bengal—from cinema, art, sport, literature to the beauty of its landscape, the wonder that is Kolkata and the delectable range of its cuisine. The pieces examine Bengal’s past and also look to the future, to see where the state is headed in a new world.

Humorous, nostalgic and hopeful, Bengal Write Ahead evokes the very best of the Bengali people and their culture.

This releases tomorrow from Rupa Publications. Buy on Amazon