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It’s Sunday and that means Sunday Summary time! Woohoo. Well for starters I didn’t read half as much as I wanted to this week. I instead, spent a lot of time driving around and in the dentist’s chair. But let’s see, my teeth are finally improving. Note To Self : If there is a sale on Mangoes, it’s probably because they’re ripened with Carbide. Avoid them.


Also a few friends and I started a blog together. Jen from Combustible Reviews, Nthato from A Scribe To Describe and I (from here, obviously) have started a blog, ReadThemFirst, for you, the reader, to know what books are coming out when. If you’re reading this and you know an author or are one, please email us to let us know if your books are coming out anytime. And wish us luck, she’s just a fledgling but she’ll soon be soaring.


One of the bands I love, MadboyMinx, recently released an album. If you’re in India you can buy it on OkListen here, if not check out the songs here. I particularly love Pressure, it’s perfect writing music. (It just says Madboy so I’m not sure what happened to Minx, I really hope they haven’t split because they’re fun but if they have, well what can ya do!) And If you live abroad you can buy the album here.


This week I interviewed the wonderful Libby Cudmore and she’s filled my world with music recommendations as she will if you go check out the author interview right here. I also read a couple of books, Passenger and Lumberjanes, reviews will follow soon.


I’ve actually been having a rather bad reading week so I thought I’d take a ‘one book’ break from review copy books and jump into something that I was supposed to be reading with the Poppylovesbookclub. I’d originally decided not to because I’m not on Facebook and I suppose that’s where all the discussions happen. But now that I’m about 80 pages into The Versions Of Us I have to admit, I can’t put it down. I have a feeling I’ve found a dear darling book I’ll cherish for years to come.

May is coming to an end and with that, if things go as per usual, the heat here will reduce. And with that, perchance, rain? Once can only hope but I do hope it pours for a while. I could use it. The heat has murdered me, I feel like a badly charred marshmallow.

How has your week gone? Anything noteworthy to tell me? A lovely dish you ate perhaps?