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This week was author Ruskin Bond’s birthday. Indians will definitely know who he is, people think of him fondly, especially when they think of their childhood and how his books made every read special.

I’ve personally fallen in love with hill stations more because of his book and although they mostly have main male protagonists(Ones I’ve read), at that time it was the norm to not have female protagonists so it didn’t seem off. Moreover, I had Enid Blyton for female protagonists. A lot of the publishers held quizzes, contests and even places where you could send him your wishes.


I love whatever I’ve read from him but there’s one book in particular that I loved and unfortunately lost. It was a set of ghost stories involving Djinns and howling dogs and creaky old houses in hill stations. At the time I only used to buy used books (I still buy a lot of used books) and it came to me in a rather dilapidated condition. I read it to bits and soon lost it, page by page. Unfortunately I also lost the name and spent a lot of time looking at covers trying to recognise it and I finally gave up (damn publishers and their new-fangled covers). Still, I posted a picture on his birthday and an Instagram follower told me the name of the book. Could you believe my excitement! Thanks Pisceanme.


Also, I got my hands on The Passenger and am about a hundred and fifty pages in. I’m loving it so far, it’s fun and enjoyable and super fast paced. It’s about a violin prodigy, a half brother who’s also a pirate and time travellers. Sounds perfect, yes? Have you read this? (Yes, that’s my violin, I’ve finally started classes…YAY!)

I’ve also posted an interview with the awesome author Krishna Udayasankar and the review of a really good read, Urmila by Pervin Saket. I finished Lumberjanes, Vol 1 which I didn’t really like, Murder With Bengali Characteristics, which i sort of enjoyed. Reviews coming soon.

In other news, I’m having a bit of crisis of faith here with not much going my way, but hopefully it’ll get over soon. What was your week like?

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