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6472227Katniss is back home, Peeta is heartbroken and Gale is pissed as hell. Not to mention President Snow is out for blood, angry that this little dispensable girl from the districts has managed to stir up trouble for him. Of course I was curious to see what happened next.

I love this book though not as much as book one. This felt a little forced to me and honestly, I am not sure I want to read book three but after that cliff-hanger, well I have to don’t I? Katniss as a character is my biggest problem in the movies. She seems emotionless and just not worth the effort whereas in the books she reads so much better. She’s loveable and relatable and just so badass that you want her as your big sister (apologies to my sisters) but in the movies she just seems blah.

In movie one she fitted in even less than she does in this. There’s a term we use here, She looks like an Apple, which is what I’d use to describe her. It’s not any of your western meanings that mean fat or ugly or whatever you folks mean in the Americas. In India, particularly in my state, it means she looks pink and round faced like she’s healthy. Amul baby. Like a happy little girl from Simla (which is where apples come from here I believe). Not like a starving girl who has to fight for her family’s heath and secretly hunt for food. She looks like she would fit in perfectly in the capitol (if it were less psychotic). I mean, I’ve seen starving people and this is not how they look. After reading the book I expected her to look like Kristen Stewart in that portion where she’s pregnant but she looks absolutely nothing like that. Her mother looks hungry, not her and not her sister.

I just wish the casting had been different or maybe they had used makeup to make her look like a starving girl on the verge of death. But apart from that I really enjoyed the film. Everyone else is exactly what I imagined and they did their portions really well. Particularly liked Peeta’s performance (I didn’t bother looking up the actors’ real names) and Haymitch as well. I’m starting to like Haymitch more than all the other characters except Peeta and I think, I just think, I may have switched to team Peeta.

I don’t know guys. I’m starting to like YA a lot and this is sort of messing with my ability to read more serious books. I mean, I got Shantaram and I haven’t even picked it up because I want to read Cinder. I see why everyone is so in love with YA now, particularly with Hunger Games. I know this review is all over the place but I’m sick, what do you expect.

Overall, I think the books are way better than the movies but I’ll probably always think that. What did you think?

(I get that a lot of you are fans of the actress, I do not mean any insult, each culture is different and what one word means in one culture means something else in a different culture. I’ve already had an argument with someone and I just want to make it clear. Examples, In India there are many languages, one word (Randi) means come in one language and the same word means prostitute in another language. Worlds are different. I’m not insulting anyone, I’ve explained myself clearly. If you choose to see an insult here then it’s your problem.)

In other news, I wrote a barbie Harry song. 

I’m a magic girl

In a muggle world

Imperious curse

For money in my purse.

You can brush buckbeak 

But remain a little meek

He’s a vain thing

Dolores in pink 😂

Come come winky

Let’s go drinky

Uh uh uh yeah 

Come come Dobby 

What’s your hobby

Knitting socks, knitting socks
What do you think?