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Thinking a Sunday summary post is the way to go instead of rambling on twitter. What say? Today I’ll be sharing a few things. Books I finished reading, Books I’m currently reading and books I recently added to my wishlist. Fun huh?

IMG_5387This week, Jen from combustible reviews and I started a Buddyread for The Sandman by Lars Kepler. This story is absolutely terrifying and I wish i could make things happen by just saying them (That’s how far I’ve gotten when writing this post). We are discussing it chapter by chapter and also, thinking of doing a buddyread every month. You’re very welcome to join in.


I also finished Patang, a new release from Hachette, Unladylike, a comedian’s memoir (Radhika Vaz) from Aleph and I’m in the middle of Murder with Bengali Characteristics (also from Aleph) and Urmila by Pervin Saket.


I’ve also added to my wishlist, The Last Queen Of Kashmir from Harper Collins by Rakesh Kaul.

Described as “A historical saga of treachery, betrayal and the quest for land and religious supremacy in Kashmir in 1330 AD” this book sounds right up my alley. Historical Fiction? Check. Saga? Check. Religions problems and treachery? Check. Royalty? Check.

Sounds perfect.

This should be out by now, it is said to be released on the 11th of may so that’s pretty exciting. Will you be picking it up?

511oyz379ML._SX316_BO1,204,203,200_I’ve also added Crumbs to my wishlist. I’ve been thinking of buying a proper big over and taking up breakmaking. And while I may not to invest in joining a class a book woulnd’t be as expensive and it’d certainly prepare me for it. Not to mention, when in doubt, go to the library. Or in this case, go to the bookstore. “There’s something undeniably pleasurable about tearing into a soft, hot naan or biting into the light puffiness of a freshly baked brioche, but have you ever thought how wonderful it might be to make them yourself? In Crumbs! Saee Koranne-Khandekar recounts her journey of becoming a bread-maker (initial blunders notwithstanding), and hand-holds the average yeast-fearing, dough-despairing home cook through the deliciously satisfying experience of literally putting bread on their tables.”

What’ve you been upto? Any interesting Updates?