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I though I’d do a quick post with the mini challenges I’ve done for the Dewey 24 hour readathon. Starting with the newest one right now, the scary good books challenge. 

The Girl On The Train is so terrifying mainly because I don’t drink and her lack of recollection blew me away. But also because the ending was not what I expected. At all. 

If you’ve not read the book skip down to my next challenge. The fact that someone we know so well could not be what we thought at all terrified me. And now it’s made me more distrusting of people. I’ll now, thanks to this book, second guess anything anyone claims. Lol. What’s yours? 

2. Kickass characters 

I couldn’t pick one so I’m going with five. 

1. Lisbeth Salander from this amazing trilogy. I love how resourceful she is and how unabashedly vengeful. Love it. 

2. Ginny. She my be overshadowed by her brother’s but unlike Ron, she doesn’t let it stop her from being awesome. 

3. Mrs.Weasley – “Not my daughter you *****” ‘Nuff said. 

4. Bellatrix Lestrange – not many like her but I think she’s absolutely magnificent. If only she was good. 

5. McGonagall – she doesn’t get enough credit but she is a really magnificent witch. Capable and deserving more praise than she gets. 

I didn’t pick Hermione because everyone picks her. 

3. Pump up the jam playlist. 

1. Evolution – Sky Harbour 

2. No church in the wild – great gatsby 

3. Little talks – of monsters and men

4. More love – Jon Licht 

5. Rock On – Defleppard 

6. Dhanashree Thillana – Aham

7. Go – Prateek Kuhad

8. At the theatres – Karthik Iyer

9. Dil Doriyar Majhe – Ritupraba Ray


10. Crazy – Gnarles Barkley (if I’ve spelt his name right) 

These songs always energise me

I’m posting the updates on my Instagram and my Twitter. Please follow me there if you’d like to. 

I’ve also done the literary wanderlust and the quotes challenge but only via comment so I’m not posting them here. 

How’s your challenge going?