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This is one of my favourite hauls so far. I’ve heard such good things about so many of these books that I grabbed them the second I spotted them in my favourite secondhand book store.

1. Noirby Olivier Pauvert : France, in the future. A man finds himself wandering the streets of Paris, haunted by a vision of an unknown woman’s bloody corpse. He is tormented by her grisly death—and by the terrifying thought, Could I be her murderer? Horror-struck and dazed, he makes his way home, where his wife recoils from him and his friends deride him, hostile and pitiless. Perhaps most shocking of all: when he looks in the mirror, he sees nothing. What follows is a dystopian story of electrifying suspense as the hero chases after the truth—the truth of who he is, of what he has done, and of what has happened to the world around him.

2. Forest Of Memories, Wilderness Tips and Art and Lies are all short story collections. I’m particularly excited for the Jeanette Winterson one. Hoping May will be a short story collection sort of month.

3. Lament Of Mohini. Now this is the apple of this collection! I really love family tales from Indian Authors. They capture the Indianness in such a lovely way and the best part of it is the diversity amongst us. Each state, each community is so different that you’re always reading something new with a thread of familiarity. The Lament Of Mohini is the story of five generations of an aristocratic Kerala family, its loves and hates, and its confrontation with a sobering present.

I’m excited for all of these. Have you read any?