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In All You Who Sleep Tonight Seth delves into the varieties of love — love lost, remembered, and deferred. He evokes the unspeakable ironies of Auschwitz and the light-blasted streets of Hiroshima. He conducts the reader through Lion Grove in Suzhou, China, and across the Golden Gate Bridge on its fiftieth anniversary. Throughout, he displays the lyricism and attentiveness that distinguish the best poets of every era.
Vikram Seth’s novel in verse, The Golden Gate, was hailed by Gore Vidal as “the Great California Novel” and by the New Republic as “a tour de force of the transcendence of the mere tour de force.” Now he brings his romance with the English language, his effortless access to the deepest reservoirs of feeling, and his ability to light up the plain surfaces of everyday life to this stunning collection of poems.

Review : It’s easy to fall in love with the words of Mr.Vikram Seth. I’ll probably cherish this work in particular. Mainly because this is my first introduction to him. I have A Suitable Boy sitting in my shelves and gathering dust. I haven’t quite had the courage to pick it up because damn it is HUGE!

So when I saw this short and sweet poetry collection in the shelves of a used bookstore I grabbed it immediately. I went through it pretty fast, reading and rereading it till I had a few favourites, a couple of ones I didn’t enjoy and some more that might end up being future favourites.

A couple are difficult to connect with as I’m not even remotely as well travelled as he is. But it is difficult not to catch the bug when you read of the beautiful places he talks about in this collection. Particularly fell in love with Stray Cat, Hill Dawn, Lion Grove and all you who sleep tonight.

I won’t pretend to be an expert on poetry, I honestly think no one can be an expert in something as fluid as poetry, but I did really enjoy this collection and if his prose is anything like this poetry I think I’ll love that too. I have to say, this has made me put the rest of his poetry on priority on my wishlist. I’ll be buying those soon.

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Have you any poetry collections to recommend?