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Top-Ten-Tuesday_thumb.jpg Today’s TTT is super interesting. I love following bookish people and it makes me super happy when others love the same people I do. 

Instagram :

  1. Esoteric_Tan


Miss Esoteric Tan shares absolutely delicious pictures of food and books (like the one shown here) and is heaps of fun to talk to. She’s an Indian from the beautiful city of Mumbai and will leave you with an urge to read more Indian books. She’s also started a little TravellingReadathon on Instagram so join in if you’re living in India!

2. A Thousand Words A Million Books


Miss Aditi is also a rather lovely blogger over at Athousandwordsamillionbooks. She’s just celebrated her 2 year anniversary. (Happy blogiversary Aditi!) and is having a whole bunch of giveaways on her blog by way of celebration! Go give her a follow there to find out more.

3. _slythrns (Sanya)


GASP! What is this? A gryffindor recommending a Slytherin? Yeah, it happens. Plus her feed is awesome. Go check her out immediately and let her enable your reckless book shopping too.

4. khubaibliophile


He has a lot of followers already but that doesn’t mean he can’t have more. With Great taste in books, food and photos, his bookstagram feed is an absolute pleasure to browse through.


5. Combustible Reviews


Because of the picture above. Yes. If that dog make you have a panic attack and then go “AWWWW:” Jen is your spirit animal. Also she has an awesome blog.

Bloggers :

I don’t think this category belongs here but I’m adding it anyway.

6. Italophilia


If you think Italy only has good food and handsome men to offer, think again. Ishita is here to make you fall in love with every square feet of this romantic country. She’s a very popular blogger but I ended up following her because she’s also a super awesome person. Check her out in the link above. *Pic is my favourite picture from her blog. All rights belong to her.

7. Readaddicts

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If you love it when two bookish best friends talk books and authors and YA then this blog is for you. The best part is these girls are super sweet and hold giveaways every month. Go give them some love.

That is all I could think of actually. I have a few on youtube but they are pretty popular as it is.Do you follow anyone from this list? Also, If you are on instagram or goodreads please leave me your links.

If you’re interested in following me I’m on Twitter, Goodreads and Instagram.