Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is five of my recent five stars and five of my recent 1 star reads. I’m also going to include DNFs in my 1 star because clearly I didn’t like them enough to finish them. Also including 4 stars because I have very few recent 5 star reads.



1. The Guardians Of The Halahala. You can read my review to see just how much I loved this. Well written, entertaining, decent female characters and a brilliant cliffhanger that doesn’t leave you too desperate.


2. Battle Royale. I did a buddy read with jen from combustible reviews for this and it was a rather goodread. See what I did there? Good Read? lol. Anyway. I loved the various perspectives and how the author made you connect with the characters inspite of knowing that you’ll lose them. My only issue was the translation which is why this is a 4 star.


3. The Hunger Games. I was sure I wouldn’t like this. Not even one bit. But I did. I liked it a lot. The first person narrative threw me a little bit but that was fine, it is an enjoyable read overall and keeps you thinking about what might happen next. I can’t wait to pick up book two.


4. Ghachar Ghochar. Again, another favourite. Do click the link to check my complete review. If not, it’s a well written simple book about the evils of an idle mind and sudden money. Well written, a couple of glitches with the translation but apart from that, lovely.


5. Furiously Happy. I loved this a lot as well. A hilarious account on a very serious topic. Check it out if you have read her first book. If you haven’t check it out anyway. It’s great!



1. Tweenache In The Time Of Hashtags. I reviewed this here and I have to say it was an absolute disappointment. I don’t usually like writing bad reviews but I couldn’t see one good thing I liked about this book. Finishing it was quite the challenge.


2. Mumbo Jumbo. I don’t think I enjoyed this as much as I expected to. it was boring and dry and honestly trying a little too hard to be dark. It got to the point where it felt like a b grade horror movie script. Not for me.


3. Oryx and Crake. yes I know. It’s Atwood. I love her too but this was so bland and jibberjabbery that I just dropped it at the 50% mark. Not for me. Thank you very much.


4. Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe. I dropped it past the 50% mark. Wasn’t enjoying it at all. It’s about two fifteen year olds and I wouldn’t have gone for it but it had such great reviews that I picked it up.


5. Raakshas. My problem with this was simply that it was not what it claimed to be. It is supposed to be the story of India’s first serial killer or something but reads more like a documentary on the killer’s life from the point of view of the cop. It’s neither thrilling nor entertaining. I got bored. Thank god it was short.

Looking forward to seeing your lists!