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Indian Reading Challenge

So I made this little chart for myself (And for you if you are so inclined) to make sure I read a variety of books this year. I’ve not progressed much but if you are interested in doing this let me know, link back and post updates!

Just 16 books to read to finish this challenge, some of which I’ve already read or already have. Which is great.

Here’s what I’m planning on reading :

  • 1. I’m aware of only Vigilante and Zubaan (I’ve done a post here on the latter) and I’ll probably read books from one of the two! (There’s also Blaft, Tulika, Three Essays Collective, Duckbill, Kitaab and Yoda Press
  • 2. I’ve already read Ghachar Ghochar but I’ve got others on the list as well. I hope to do one from each state.
  • 3. Absolutely no idea here. Any help would be welcome.
  • 4. Ponniyan Selvan (I have a translated copt of book 1. I hope to get the rest soon)
  • 5. I’ll be reading book two of The Guardians Of The Halahala
  • 6. Some looking around will have to be done.
  • 7. The Honest Season
  • 8. I’m thinking Jeet Tayil or one of the ones mentioned in my Zubaan post.
  • 9. Again, no clue. See this is why I came up with this challenge. To find more beautiful books. Suggestions are welcome.
  • 10. Sleeping On Jupiter. The Lives Of Others…..etc
  • 11. Done with this one. Train To Pakistan. It was after the partition but that is still around the freedom fight.
  • 12. I’ll look around
  • 13. M.S Subbulakshmi. or something along the lines of this.
  • 14. Market Tales. Venus Crossins or Delhi Noir
  • 15. Ruskin Bond Or Narayan or something. I have a lot here.
  • 16. Inscrutable Americans is all I’ve read here. Have to come up with more titles. Help appreciated.

If you need suggestions do let me know. Also if you ave suggestions leave them in the comments below!