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I’ve been busy recently. What with projects and assignments and failing miserably at learning French so I haven’t been able to do much reading. To ensure this darling blog doesn’t zombiefy till I come back. I thought I’d post a Read Harder challenge update!


Like the previous challenge post, the reds are done or being done and the blues are to be done.

I just got one ebook of fairyand because I couldn’t not. And since it is a comic I think I will just read a page at a time to ensure my eyes don’t get strained. I really do with these were easily available in India.

I would really appreciate suggestions for ones that I’ve left blank. Particularly Food Memoir and Transgender. Although I did read Ekla Sholo Re I’m not sure if that comes in the same category because that was about a man who got a sex change because he wanted to be a woman. I’m working on the rest.

Review posts are linked here : Strangers – Yamada, Battle Royale, The Tiny wife, The Miniaturist, The Guardians Of The Halahala and The Honest Season.

Are you doing the read harder challenge? Or any challenge really?

PS. I’m coming up with an Indian Reading Challenge. Please take part in it if you’re from here.