28461264#Tweenache101: First, there’s PMS (it’s real and it’s painful and can someone please make it stop?). Second, there’s #The Boy. Yes, that’s right. The BOY. And third, there’s a #New Dad in the picture. Actually, he’s an old dad, but if Nina’s never met him before, he totally counts as new, right? And worst of all, there’s the #Nerd Wars. There’s a new nerd in the classroom and she might be even nerdier than Nina.
This. Can’t. Be. Good.

From the author of How To Stop Your Grownup From Making Bad Decisions, here’s another hilarious season in the life of #NinaThePhilosopher.

REVIEW : Isn’t it nice to finally have an Indian book for kids? It is. Except THERE IS NOTHING INDIAN ABOUT IT. Except the names of course.
You’d think that the author, being an Indian, would include some Indian elements in the book but NOOOOO. You see it’s shameful to be Indian, atleast that’s what I think the author thinks. So instead of eating samosas the characters eat quiche. Instead of eating Indian sweets they eat cupcakes. NOT EVEN THE CLOTHES are Indian.
I am thoroughly disappointed. Is the author trying to ingrain youngsters with the idea that the whole world is what they show in American movies? That there is no pride in being Indian? Or is the author trying to propaganda something? Working with a political agenda to turn kids anti India?
What the hell is the difference between reading this and reading the numerous, much better, international books for kids??
I was interested in this book because it seemed like there was finally a kids book with some diversity but it’s not. It’s whitewashing. Plain whitewashing. If you’re thinking of gifting this book to your kid, skip it. Go for something else. I’m sure there an immensely better books out there that don’t make your child feel awkward of being Indian. I’ll not be buying anything from this author of giving anything by this author to any of the kids I know.
I got this in a goodreads giveaway.