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Um…..does India have spring? According to Google spring is from March to June. That’s not spring in India, is it?

Top Ten Tuesday

I don’t think so….we have so hot you want to die, not as hot as before but you still want to die, still hot but you don’t want to die and you think it’s winter but the sun is actually laughing at you. Which one of these is spring?

Well, I’m just going to go by spring months and pick the books that I’m going to read then while it’s mad hot summer here.

1. Harry Potter series. Because the winter in the books makes me feel like the summer here isn’t so bad.

2. Something by Ruskin Bond

3. Something by R.K. Narayan

4. The Winter Of The World series….because it has the word winter in it.

5. Namma

6. Tamarind City

7. The Gurkha’s Daughter

8. The Lament Of Mohini

9. The Magician’s Guild

10. The Sialkot Saga (it’s going to be releasing then and I’ve gotta make space on my TBR for it.)

I know that this was a boring boring list. And I really wish I could have done better but I don’t understand what Spring Read means. So…. there it is.

I look forward to reading your lists so I understand what spring read means.