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Since I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump like I mentioned, I thought I’d check reading challenges to make myself feel better. Turns out I’ve done a few of these already, which is great.

reading challenge

Reading challenges are one of the best ways to introduce yourself to new authors and to widen your reading sphere. And it is the best way, for me, to try to guilt myself into getting out of this awful slump.

Today, I’ll share my updates on the Popsugar reading challenge. I’ll be following it up with other reading challenges.

Popsugar Challenge

Blue is for the books I’m planning on reading because I already have them or because I really want to buy them and read them. So If I include them here I have an excuse to buy them! Red is for ones that I’ve already finished….this year.

Are you doing any reading challenges? I wasn’t planning on doing any but this reading slump has changed my mind.

Love, Vicky.