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61wa6HtDqaL._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_When ‘Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis’ was first published, it capapulted its author into the bestseller lists and established her as one of our most funniest and eloquent of poets.
“Cope has an extraordinarily quite funny sense quite rare among poets – of wgat will engage a reader’s attention.”
– Dana Gioia, Poetry Review
“A jet-age Tennyson.”
– Nicholas Tredell, London Review of Books
“Like Larkin and Harrison, Cope has proven that a popular poetry is possible without compromising quality.”
– Gerry Cambridge, Acumen

Review : This is a wonderful and hilarious collection of poetry. Each one as funny and interesting as the previous. It’s been a while since I read poetry so this was a welcome rekindling of my love of it. And THANK GOD for the lack of free verse and “modern” Poetry in it. I would have gagged if it had been filled with it.
I would say though that this collection isn’t for everyone. The only thing with this collection is that you might want get yourself a friend living in the UK so you get some of the more localised jibes. There were a couple I didn’t like or understand ( Strugnell in Liverpool was one of the poems I didn’t enjoy. Or get ) but the others with the localised jokes were easy to understand. (I just asked a couple of friends living in UK and they quickly explained it to me. It was all much more hilarious after that.)

Pick it up if you’re from the UK or more specifically, London. Pick it up even if you aren’t. But make sure you know someone there so you can understand some of the jokes in this.