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Today’s topic is a fun one. And I’m going to take the opportunity to show off some of my favourite books. A lot of them from India. So The Top Ten Books when you are in the mood for escapism.

Escapism is a nice thing isn’t it? You have a deadline, an exam, an important meeting to prepare for and all you want to do is curl up and read a good book. Escape from the realities of our grim world where one can’t really eat like Jughead because they’d get fat and have heart disease. Well, look no further! This is the list for you my friend.

1. Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling


The entire Harry Potter series is what people of our generation grew up with. So in a way it’s like hanging out in your granny’s house eating her homemade sweets and buttermilk (That’s what I drank) while being pampered. Harry Potter is pampering, pure pampering.

2. The Meluha Series – Amish Tripathi


I have a lot of problems with Amish Tripathi’s writing but this series doesn’t have too many problems. Yes it is very very north Indian but Shiva is supposed to be from the north so…. I don’t mind. And it uses a lot of Sanskrit terminology which makes sense. Pick this up if you’re looking for some nice YA mythology or if you are Indian and know the original story of Lord Shiva.

3. Lord Of The Rings – J.R.R Tolkien


It’s been years. So many years. And I still watch the movies or read the books. Recently when I was in a terrible mood (AKA went to the dentist) I grabbed the audiobook version of The Hobbit with the singing and the fun and it was absolutely amazing. It took me out of my misery for a whole day and a half.

4. The Guardians Of The Halahala – Shatrujeet Nath


Yes I know this series has just started but it is a promising one. I enjoyed this book a lot, especially after Tripathi let me down with his new Ram series. The terminilogy is beautiful, the language used isn’t pushing any agenda and the characters are just so easy to fall in love with.

5. A Darker Shade Of Magic – V.E. Schwab

A Darker Shade final for Irene

I’m saying this because book two just launched and it’s the perfect time to reread book one and jump into book two. Have you read this yet? If not please go read it. I’m not very YA obsessed but this one takes the cake. I loved the characters, the plot and the independence of Lila. I’m just waiting for someone to come from the US so I can grab hardcovers of all of these.

6. Mistress – Anita Nair


While Anita Nair is an amazing author and her books take you to a different world, Mistress is my favourite book from her works. It showcases the life of Kathakali artists (I have no idea about how accurate this is) and takes us through a tangle of lies and deception. A very engrossing book that I read in one sitting. It may not be her best, but it takes control of your mind while you’re reading it.

7. 1Q84 – Murakami


Everyone knows this book. Probably everyone has read this book. But that doesn’t mean I can’t share my love for it, right? This takes me into an amazing world of cults and assassins (I am NEVER getting a massage again) and rich old dowagers that are secretly criminal kingpins. Sort of. I loved this read and the sheer size of it makes it perfect for escapism.

8. Anything By Jane Austen


This is such an beautiful world and seeing it from the eyes of Jane Austen makes me want to build a time machine, go back and live the lives that her heroines live. I love the book Pride And Prejudice in particular. Emma too. It takes you away from the crap that modern life has to the subtle beauty that the older days had.

9. The Game Of Thrones


Yes, I’ve only read one book from this series but I’ve been told that the rest of them are as engrossing as the first. And if escapism is what you are after there is no better genre than fantasy. Pick one of these up and you’ll be satisfied for a couple of days, then keep picking up one after the other.

10. Gone With The Wind – Margaret Mitchell


If you’re looking for a romance that is more heat than a Jane Austen but still falls within your sensibilities pick this. Scarlett is a character that reminds in your memory forever and so does the curtain she turned into a dress, travelling in public while pregnant and the line “You need to be kissed and by someone who knows how.”

That’s it for my TTT. Do you love anything in particular from here?