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Bookle 1

My hunt for used books has gotten me another lovely little haul, this time, from Bookle. Bookle is a website that almost exclusively caters to children’s used books. Not only does Bookle have used books in AMAZING quality but they also have a blog with advice on what to buy for a particular age group. Which is perfect for people like me who have no idea what to do with children.

bookle 2

These books are sourced from around the world making this the perfect place to find those difficult to get hold of books. Not to mention they offer a free book for every order over 1000INR. I haven’t found Lemony Snicket’s books anywhere second hand but I found a lot of them here, hard bound and looking perfect. So I went ahead, browsed away and picked three books. Two for myself of course. The third book is for a little one which I will read and pass along because I’m selfish like that.



Packaging And Delivery : The order was placed on Sunday (21st) and it was shipped by Monday afternoon. It reached me on the 24th, which is pretty great! Especially coming from a different state with Fedex (I dislike fedex). The books were packed very neatly, almost as though they were fragile. I ripped into the package (And cardboard sheet and bubble wrap and then cling film) and found these books in AMAZING condition. I didn’t expect them to be in such great condition but they are absolutely perfect. Two (Harry Potter and Unfortunate Events) look like they’re brand new.



Price And Range : The books start at 49/- and go up to 399/-. Mine were 150 each and it’s free shipping above 500/-. And while it says specifically for children you can find some adult books in the “teen section” you see above. I found some Stephen King and Jodi Picoult which is pretty good. I’ve read a couple of Picoult’s books and The Storyteller has amazing reviews and is considered one of her best. Harry Potter was in the teen section as well and I got myself a second copy because my first one has completely fallen apart (if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know this.) They have everything from picture books to mysteries and thrillers. (Click here to see how they compare to Amazon and Flipkart)

Bookle 3

I like the website colours, yes it is pink and I know boys read too but it is a pleasant colour and you can have your kid sitting with you and help you pick something out for them. The descriptions help as well, most second hand stores don’t have descriptions but this says which version it is, whom it will suit and what the storyline is.  Not to mention the books are separated by activity and age group. This seems like a great service and I hope it is here to stay because when I do have kids myself I’m raising them to be readers. While I will take them to physical stores the rareness of some books makes this a perfect place to shop. (And to get second copies of my favourite HP books.)


*I was provided with a voucher to help me shop and write this review but this hasn’t affected my thoughts in any way.