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Femme Friday was started here on Books And Strips when I realised that even the literary world doesn’t credit women as much as they should. In a bid to equalise my reading as well I started this weekly meme to ensure that I read / interview / notice atleast one or more awesome women in the bookish world. You can read about it here.


The FemmeFriday tag is meant to help in extending my horizons in the reading universe as well. In composing these questions I’ve realised that I’m not progressing at the speed at which I want to (This is mainly for budget and availability reasons) but I’m looking around for a library that has a lot of female authors and when I find one I’ll join.

Now, on to the tag.


  1. Post this tag post on a Friday.
  2. Tag three to five other bloggers (female or male, doesn’t matter).
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  4. If you’re going to start doing the meme on your blog please link back so there’s a pingback in the comments section for others (me) to check out.

That’s pretty much it!


1. What’s the ratio of female:male authors in your shelves? You don’t have to give an exact amount, just approximately.

Mine are leaning favourably towards the man. BUT I’m working on that and trying my best to only buy female authors for a while now. I have enough males on my TBR to finish off.

2. Do you have any preconceived notions about female authors? EG: they only write YA or chicklit?

I don’t. But then the female authors I know (especially in my country) are known for writing romances and YA.

3. Who’s your favourite female author?

Mine right now (apart from the obvious choice of Rowling) is Atwood. I’ve only read two of her books but I’m liking her style a lot. Picked up Wilderness Tips recently and I hope it’s as good.

4. Have you ever read a comic or a graphic novel written and illustrated by a woman?

Persepolis 1 and 2. I enjoyed it, it wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t bad. I’m looking to get my hands on more. Hopefully they’ll become more reasonably priced in the future.

5. Have you read any LGBT books?

Yes, A collection of short stories by Emma Donoghue and Blue is the warmest colour. Both were ok. I couldn’t connect with much because I personally don’t know anyone who falls in said categories. (Even if i do know then I don’t know that I know them because they haven’t come out of the closet yet. Not sure)

6. Have you read a book by a female author of colour?

I’m Indian so most of the female authors I read are of colour here but thinking outside my country I’ve only read The Colour Purple.

7. Have you read any feminist Non fiction books?

No. Unfortunately not. But I have We Must All Be Feminists and Everyday Sexism on my to buy pile. Feminism is something we never thought about in our family and I’ve suddenly been made aware of all this feminist literature. It’s time to dive in.

8. Who is your favourite female character? Someone strong and role model-ish.

Apart from the obvious Hermione choice I liked Lila from A Darker Shade Of Magic. I know that it’s sad that I like her in spite of her annoying personality but she is me at a younger age and I like how, unlike me, she was capable of handling herself for the most part. And I can’t wait to see how she grows in the next book.

Of course there is always Ginny. Ginny from the books, not from the movies. She is amazing. I wish I had a bunch of older brothers to make me that awesome. I only have one and he sucks. sssshhh.

9. Is there a really popular female author that you haven’t read at all?

Virginia Woolf. I haven’t read anything by her and it’s sad. I have to read something. I have a book by her, not sure of the title, somewhere in my shelves but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Why? No idea. Among Indian authors, Arundhati Roy. I haven’t finished her one book, God Of Small Things and I really should. It’s a booker prize winner for god’s sake!

10. Is there a popular non feminist book that you really enjoyed?

Ummmmm…… I don’t know. I’ve read quite a bit of older Indian “romance” books that the older women in my house had lying around. Those do count as non feminist. But they were all by women so I can’t say. I didn’t enjoy 50 shade of grey, in fact I didn’t even finish it. Can’t comment but I really want to know what other’s have to say.


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