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Ten books I enjoyed recently (last yearish) that weren’t my typical genre is this week’s TTT topic. This is a really interesting topic for me because I discovered so many things I loved last year. But these have become my kind of books now so I suppose this will be surprising.
1. Furiously Happy

This isn’t really my kind of book. I avoid books about mental illnesses unless it’s in the horror/thriller genre and I avoid “autobiographical” books. I also avoid books about people I don’t know (in the autobiographical category) which is why this was a surprising read for me. I really enjoyed it and I’ll be on the lookout for other books from Jenny Lawson. I’ve reviewed this book here if you’re interested.


2. Battle Royale

I do enjoy horror (or I did as a child and wanted to get back to it) and I enjoy dystopias. But what made this unique for me was reading it AFTER watching the movie. This is something i never do and I’m surprised that I enjoyed the book more. I always enjoy books more than movies but I was afraid that I might not like the book after watching the movie first. I’m glad I liked it. I’ve reviewed this here.


3. A Monster Calls

YA is something i stopped reading after checking out twilight. I didn’t like it much and I’d set aside all YA as fluff. I’m glad I read this. It was a surprisingly good read and it’s made me want to check out more YA books. Reviewed here



4. The Tiny Wife

Weird books were never my thing. I can take a little magical realism but not something that makes no outright sense to me. I end up trying to think what the book is a perfectly fitting metaphor for and it annoys me to no end. So when I love this i was surprised. It is so freeing to just read something and enjoy it without trying to figure out what the author meant by every little thing. Reviewed here.


5. Ocean At The End Of The Lane


It’s not like this is not my genre. Yes, it is for a younger audience but that wasn’t what made this an odd read for me. I normally don’t read something by an author if I didn’t like something else I read by him/her. Particularly if I dislike it so much that I DNF it. But this was a pleasant surprise. In fact such a pleasant surprise that it ended up in my best books of 2015 post. Reviewed here.


6. Exponential Apocalypse

I’ve NEVER read bizzaro ficton. Never. So when I was offered this for review I accepted with a bit of confusion. Not sure if I would like it or hate it. Well, I really enjoyed it. Not book two and three so much but this first one was great and confusing and hilarious and one of the protagonists is a squirrel. Reviewed here.


7. All The Light We Cannot See

Surprising because I avoid war books like the plague. I don’t need sadness. I don’t like reading about war because it’s bad enough that we see what’s happening in the world. But this was not what I expected. It was terrifying. but it was also tragically beautiful. Reviewed here.


8. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

Stephen Fry’s narration made this perfect for me. Doctor Who is the only science fictiony thing I read/watch. It’s not really my genre. When this was nominated for the book of the month in my book club I went online to my favourite sites to see if there was an inexpensive used copy of this but a friend had the entire collection in audiobooks and he passed them on to me! YAY. Listen to this in audio and you’ll fall in love.


9. The Immortal Nerd

Webtoons are something I discovered last year. I don’t know why I thought they were different since they are the same as the comic strips I read in papers anyway. but they are different. And this is a good one. Check it out here.

10. The Handmaid’s Tale

I wouldn’t have read anything that shows women suffering. Again, the news is enough for that. But this got great reviews from my favourite youtubers that I have to grab it. I don’t have to link a review, I’m sure you’ll know this beautiful book already.

Have a great week!