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Booktube is what started me on this blog. Honestly. Specifically Mercedes from Mercy’s Bookish Musings. Her opinions were so brilliant and her recommendations so worthy that I wanted to share how much I loved them with people too. And honestly, if it weren’t for these wonderful ladies I wouldn’t know how woefully male centred my bookshelves are. I am sure you know these wonderful booktubers already but if you don’t, please go subscribe to them.

1. Mercedes!

Mercedes is absolutely amazing. The first video I watched from her was one where she was recommending/review Burial Rites. I ordered it immediately and read it in a day. It was so brilliant that I ended up binge watching her videos and adding everything she recommended to my wishlist.

2. Lauren

She’s just hit 10k subs (Congrats!) and I’m so excited for her. Lauren is just such a lovely bubbly person and not in that high pitched annoying way but in the pleasant, “I wish I knew her in real life.” way. Her recommendations are on point and her videos immensely entertaining. She’s just started reading Graphic Novels so look out for those reviews.

3. Jen

I may not like freeverse at all but Jen has one of the best booktube recommendations I’ve come across. She’s sort of a leader I guess because she goes out of her way to discover new books and share them with her friends on booktube and her followers. Follow her for those hidden gems and lists of recommendations. Oh, an she’s an author herself. I haven’t grabbed her books because they are way expensive in India but when I get a chance to, I will.

4. JustKissMyFrog

JustKissMyFrog is a channel that surprised me. I didn’t expect to get so much more than books from her (maybe some jokes). Particularly this video she made(linked above) on not being different from other girls. I used to do exactly that, even till a couple of years ago till I realised that “Hey, These women are my friends and I should be proud to be just like them!”

5. Jean

Oh Jean. I absolutely adore Jean. I could watch her videos ten times each and not be bored. She’s just so lovely and bloody brilliant. Jean is studying Greek (or has studied ancient Greek literature) and has suggestions that are really intimidating but for the sake of expanding my horizons, I’m going to grab some books that she recommends.

She has also started a feminist book club (as you can see from the title above) and you must go join now.

Do you have any amazing booktubers to suggest?

FemmeFriday is something I decided to do on my blog after reading this article here. (I’m aware that a feminist friday exists which is why I’ve turned it to femmefriday). I realised how litte I read women and how few female authors I supported. Not because I didn’t like them but simple because I didn’t know about them. Please do join in and share your FF links on the FemmeFriday page.