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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

This week it is all about the music so I’ve decided to use the idea given there to make a list of ten songs that I wish were novels.


  1. A Man Of Constant Sorrow. I do wish I knew every little detail about the life behind this song. Like most of the world I only came to know this song through The Voice (Sawyer Fredricks is amazing!) and I fell in love with it. Particularly his cover of it and I really wish I could find out what it is all about.
  2. Me and Mrs.Jones. Yes I know there are a hundred and one erotic novels about being with someone who is married but see the thing with this song is that it is classy. It’s not explicit and it is very respectful. I love it and I want to know what happens here.
  3. 4 or 5 things. This is from an Indian Band called Junkyard Groove. Granted this is the only song I’ve heard from them but I love it. I want to see what the story is behind this girl who is beautiful when she smiles and cries. I get a little bit of a “she’s crazy but I love her and I know she’d going to do something to make me regret it because I’m an offensive sort of guy” kind of vibe from it. If it were a book it’d definitely end in disaster.
  4. Go. By another Indian, Prateek Kuhad. I absolutely love this some and I haven’t tired of it since the first time I heard it. I expect this to be a rather lovely novella about love and heartbreak and about a young love. It is a very lovely song. Do check it out if you can.
  5. Here Without you. Everyone knows 3 doors down. I’m sure. And this won’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows me. This has been a favourite from the time I first heard it and it’ll probably always be.
  6. Somebody Already Broke My Heart. Sade. This is a beautiful sad slow song that’s somehow hopeful. I don’t know how to explain this. Anyway, I wish this was a book and maybe also a movie. I get a very P.S. I Love You from it.
  7. No Church In The Wild. Jay Z. Since this did come in a movie I suppose that it is already associated with a story but it isn’t a whole story is it. I want someone to write a book on this song. The lyrics are so meaningful and deep. Someone, write the damn book!
  8. Go Gentle. I’ve got a weird kind of love affair with Robbie Williams. I turn to him whenever I need some sort of salve for my soul. I love his music and I’m sure it’ll stay with me till I’m old and hating all the rock. I can imagine a very Pretty Woman meets a young girl who’s discovering herself sort of story.
  9. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You. If you don’t know this song then you ought to recheck your priorities in life. Really. I’m talking about Led Zeppelin here. I haven’t heard any other version of it, I don’t want to. What I want is for someone to come up with a story based on the beautiful lyrics of this song.
  10. Still Loving You – Scorpions. Speaking of beautiful songs, Still Loving You is something I sing even if I’m not in love with anyone. (This is a lie, I’m always in love with Sirius Black.) Wouldn’t it be wonder if someone wrote a tragic love story in the 80s about a beautiful love story where they keep trying to make it work even though it is long over.

What did you think? Are there any from this list that you’d pick?