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These are all books I got in January but since I’d already done a haul post there I moved this to feb. I don’t want anything to think I’m a book hoarder or anything.


Tweenache in the tie of hashtags. This was won in a goodreads giveaway. I wanted to give this to my niece but I’ll read it first to make sure it’s fine. And to write a review.

How To Be Good. This has already been featured in my Rainbowthon post. It’s an interesting premise, not something that makes me jump at it. but I got this for the seniors in the family.

Two from Alexander McCall Smith. He’s fast becoming a favourite in the family, as you’ll be able to tell if you’re familiar with my blog. I got two books this time, A Conspiracy Of Friends and The Charming Quirks Of Others.

Last in this picture is Nick Hornby’s A Long Way Down. Now I am really excited for this book. A Dark Comedy about a TV show presenter who tries to commit suicide on new year’s eve or Christmas eve and is surprised by the number of people standing behind him on the roof just waiting for their turn to kill themselves. I love the idea of this and will grab it as soon as I’m done with my Rainbowthon.


I have NO clue why I’ve included Tweenache again but there you go. Me at my smartest.

The Art Of Thinking Clearly was recommended by a friend who read this while making a career choice. I’m going to read it and become brilliant and businessminded and all that good stuff.

A Monster Calls. I’ve already posted this in my January Wrap up. But since I bought it and didn’t share it with you, here you go. Review coming soon.

Thirteen Reasons Why. I saw this somewhere on youtube and it got a great review from the reviewer. I grabbed it immediately. And the The Guardians Of The Halahala which is also features in my rainbowthon. Review will come as soon as I finish it. Last but not the least, Rigveda Code. The review of this is up already over here.

Any tips on which I should start with first?