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Yes, this is late. I know. But in my defence I’ve been rather busy and I didn’t want to do a hurried post (which is what this is) but it isn’t as bad as what I was going to put up which is picture of the books I finished.

January was a weird reading month for me. I had a preprepared list of books I wanted to read but somehow I completely veered away and ended up reading different books. But it was a great set of books and I enjoyed them. For the most part. I read 11 books in January 2016. 8 books and 3 audiobooks. I’ll do this in the order in which I finished them.







Once Upon A Dharamyudh. This was the first book I read this year and it was a pretty nice read. The full review is linked here if you want to know about it. It is about two brothers who start a fabric business and try to make the company a success when certain odds are stacked against them. The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy was the second book I finished this year but the first audiobook. I loved it. A lot. Stephen Fry narrated it and that made it so much better. If you haven’t checked out the audiobook, give it a try. I’ll be reading (listening) to The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe sometime this month. The Tiny Wife was next. It’s a teeny tiny book and it packs quite the magical realism punch. I’ve reviewed this fully here as well. If you can’t be arsed to read that just know that this is a great book and you’d love it if you like fantastical tales and little books. This would also suit a younger audience.








Samurai, Cherry Blossoms fall is the second audiobook I listened to this year. I was sent it for review and it’s a very short one. I haven’t done a complete review of it on my blog but you can check out my goodreads review here. The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas. I read this because of all the hype surrounding it and I loved it. While I don’t agree with a lot of controversial opinions about this book I will say it is not for someone who wants a serious look at the Holocaust. But it is moving nonetheless. You can read my complete review here. Plan Bea is a book I read to review on Whispering Stories. I liked it and would recommend this for someone who is looking for a family store minus the crazy romance that chick lit offers. Predator, Horn Ok Please. I hated this book. I bought it because the cover was great and that’s why it got one star. because of the cover. I didn’t want to leave a negative review so I avoided reviewing this. But I really didn’t like this.




25480342Strangers by Taichi Yamada was such a relief after Predator. I really liked this book and I’ve reviewed it here. This is my first Taichi Yamada book and I’m not even sure if he’s written other translated ones but I’ll keep an eye out for them. The Rigveda Code was next on my list. I’ve reviewed this here as well and this is from a brilliant debut author. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. I think this should have been bigger, it would have made it a much better book. Remorseless is another audiobook I enjoyed this month. Written and narrated by Will Patching, this is a british crime thriller revolving around a convict who claims to have been falsely accused and the physiatrist who’s confirmed that he’s a psychopath. The review is here. A Monster Calls. Recommended by Jen and spotted on many many blogs, this one wormed it’s way into my cart. I don’t know how. I promise. I loved it though. A lot. It was moving and haunting and scary and it made me cry. Go read it. You need to cry too.

That’s all folks.

What did you read last month?