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When two book loving sisters join together in their quest for a good book, a service like Litbundle is created. That’s what 22 yr old Niki, the older of the two said to me the other day when I was asking her about her service. “We were tired of continuously perusing through a hundred Goodreads reviews to find a good book. One idea led to another, and thus, LitBundle came to be.”

UnboxedFor those wondering what this is, Litbundle is basically the Indian answer to Owlcrate. A subscription service specifically made for a YA loving audience. LitBundle sends monthly bundles of bookish goodies to their customers every month. Their bundle includes 1 YA book (a new release) 1 (or 2) bookish goodies (Their first box, Jan 2016, contained a 221B key pendant!) and a note with the details of the box.

In previous bundle was paperback, each bundle was valued at ₹599.

  • The book was soundless by richelle mead – ₹399.
  • A soundless poster – ₹249
  • A 221B Baker street necklace – ₹349
  • A preview of the book Passenger by Alexandra Bracken.
  • A handwritten note explaining the contents of the Bundle.

“So how has month one gone?” I asked wondering if India is ready for the awesomeness that is the subscription service.

We launched our website on the start of December 2015 opening up orders for our first January Bundle. The response was great and enthusiastic; however, the main issue for people remained the question, were we the real deal and did we on staying for good. They were tentative, yet, they gave us a shot.”

Unboxed 2

“So you’ve got a lot of customers lined up. What about the book titles? Have you chosen those? Hardcover? Paperback? Are there Indian authors included?”

There were amazing books coming up, but we had to limit our choices because we wanted paperbacks, and majority of the best ones had only hardbacks. We hated the limited options, though we still got an amazing book to showcase for our launch. So the next bundle onward we decided- hardbacks only! We would love to showcase Indian authors as well; they could send us a preview of their upcoming book to add it in our bundles.”

“So you basically get to read a lot of books each month right? Any favourites?”

Definitely. Our favourite author of all time would be JK Rowling and Dan Brown. I’d follow them to ends of the earth. I really like Vampire Academy & Midnight sun. I run a YA book subscription box, but I love romance too. Recently I read my first  CoHo book – November 9, it was amazing!”

“What about the future? What plans with LitBundle?”

For the first half of this year our main aim is to get the bundle recognised. We aim at providing the best reading experience. LitBundle is like your reading care package, one of the first question we think about is whether we would purchase this particular item, whether we loved the books, would we use this etc etc.

Originally we did plan on doing 2/3 different genre bundles, but as things progressed it became increasingly difficult to give justice to all of them equally.If we do introduce another additional genre it would be romance/chicklit. Maybe even literary fiction after things progress.”


I’m definitely looking forward to seeing LitBundle grow. While I don’t personally read YA myself I’ll keep an eye on them and see if they introduce other genres.

To Sum Up. In a Bundle, you’ll find-

— A Hardback YA novel (latest, of course)
— 1-2 geeky goodies which might contain for eg: a poster, badges, pretty much any random fandom artifact.

— A preview of an upcoming/newly released YA book.

— A personal handwritten note telling you about the bundle.

The last day for buying the Bundle of a particular month is the last day of the previous month. Thus, the February Bundle is now closed off for general customers. The current pricing for the March Bundle is 1299.

The February Bundle was priced at 1299 and the goodies in them are worth over 2500! Let me know if you subscribe to them and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

*Images used were sent to me by LitBundle and belong to customers of LitBundle (@fortheloveoffictionalworlds and @doubtfulsalmon Please check them out on instagram and give them a quick follow for bookish goodness.)

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