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Remorseless is a British crime thriller revolving around Peter Leech, a boy, now man, jailed for the vicious murder of his parents and Doc Powers, the man who helped put him there. The story starts with Judy Finch, a parole officer who interviews him when he’s put up for parole due to good behaviour. Her sympathy for his sob story is mistaken by him for lust and that’s where the whole ordeal starts off. You can check out the complete synopsis here.

The story was good. I mean, I read this because I thought it sounded good but I didn’t expect this to be as good as it was. What I expect from my thrillers is entertainment. Does it get my blood pumping? Does it make me want to throttle the villain? Does it make me root for the main characters? Etc. And this did all of that. Only, instead of naming it Doc Powers and D.I. Carver, the author should have named it Doc Powers. I don’t think D.I. Carver has any role here at all!

The pace of writing was steady, the characters likeable but not annoyingly so. They had their faults. Judy Finch, while I liked her, is a little too needy and whiny but something about her is likeable. She just seemed like a normal everyday woman. And as someone who knows a couple of psychiatrists (sssh, I hope they don’t read this.) Doc Powers being damaged felt right. Leech was the best written character. While the others changed a bit in places, like the author did something uncharacteristic with them and then went back, Leech felt right. And his brother.

This book did paint the British police in a pathetic light. Almost as though they were all utterly incompetent and couldn’t handle one man.


Almost like the whole force of the police department couldn’t handle Leech but one alcoholic, flabby, unfit and middle aged Doctor could. It feels like the author is trying to create a Will Graham here with Doctor Powers but that’s easily overlooked. The only problem I have is with the narrator. The author has narrated this himself and his technique feels like a reality show/infomercial narration. If this had been narrated by someone else it would have been a very positive review.