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I have a little…….big haul for you guys. A very collective haul.

I’ve been holding off on posting hauls because I thought they were boring but then I love reading and watching haul posts/videos so….maybe others do too?


Starting from the right.

Ponniyin Selvan, The First Floods. This is an English version of a Tamil book that was recommended to me by a friend from Madras. Thankfully I had someone travelling from there so she picked it up at a secondhand bookstore for me. How lucky! This is about the life of Rajaraja Chozhan.

Public Confessions Of A Middle Aged Woman. Bought from Bookchor. This follows Susan Lilian Townsend who’s written a monthly column in Sainsbury’s Magazine. This is, I believe, a collection of some of her best columns from there.

The Sixth Day And Other Stories by Primo Levi. This had great reviews on Goodreads. I don’t know what it’s about just that it is brilliant and is of the Fantasy.Science Fiction genre. I suppose that’s enough to intrigue me.

M for Misfit by Sarika Pandit. I was tempted by the cover. What can I say I tend to get pulled in when the cover is quirky and colourful or dark and creepy. I’m weird like that. This is about Zoey Verma who is a management trainee (Third rank from the bottom) who’s managed to get a job at a fridge manufacturing company. That was enough for me to hear. I hope this is as much of a comic riot as I expect it to be.

Close To The Bone by Stuart Macbride. I haven’t read anything by this author before and I was lucky enough to get this in a Hamper I won. It sounds really interesting and I’ll look forward to starting on this soon.

The Sandman by Lars Kepler. I read The Hypnotist by Kepler early last year and I really liked it. I thought it was a little draggy by rewarding at the end. Glad I got this to continue. It’s been on my wishlist for a long time now. If you didn’t know Kepler is a Swedish bestselling author and his books have been translated and are easily available everywhere.

The Book Of Woman by Osho. One of the few spiritual leaders who say that women are equal to men. I won’t be missing on a book he wrote about women themselves. I’ll review this as soon as possible.

The Bees by Laline Paul. This has been on my wishlist ever since I saw it at the bookstore ages ago. But the premise was so impressive that I wanted to read reviews first. To make sure the author has fulfilled the daunting task well. I hear she has. Also one of my favourite bloggers mentioned this. Why would I not pick it up.

Johnny Gone Down by Karan Bajaj. I won this in a Goodreads giveaway. I’ve got Keep Off The Grass by the same author but I haven’t read that yet. But this sounded pretty nice so I entered it. I’ll be reading and reviewing this first. Mr.Bajaj has just penned his first international novel, The Yoga Of Max’s Discontent, which will be released soon.

Pyramids by Terry Pratchett. I’ve only read two Pratchett books. A Hat Full Of Sky and The Wintersmith. I want to read more. I want to read them all. I actually wanted to start with Equal Rites and Going Postal first but that wasn’t available in the second hand store. This was. Grabbed it.

The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufman. I’ve already reviewed this here if you want to read it. I enjoyed it a lot.

I’ll continue the rest of the list in my next post. Have you read any of these? Anything in particular I ought to start with first?