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The short story is something that isn’t loved much in India. Atleast as far as I know6488278.

I haven’t come across anyone, in my book clubs or in book stores, who asks specifically for a great short story collection. And even if they did the short stories that are recommended are usually along the lines of Chicken Soup For the *** Soul.

I don’t remember loving a short story collection anytime recently. In fact, the last short story collection I remember enjoying was a horror collection from Ruskin Bond and I can’t even recall the name of it. I was a child back then and I remember that reading two or three of them before bedtime was a treat; especially when I wasn’t reading any other books. So what happened to the short story? Why aren’t they as big a deal as they used to be when we were younger?

17929324I want to start loving them again so I grabbed three short story collections, Mumbai Noir, Delhi Noir and Something Happened On The Way To Heaven.

I didn’t like the latter very much. Mumbai Noir was average, some stories great, some boring and some that just weren’t memorable enough for me to remember now how I felt then. That leaves Delhi Noir. Having spent half my life there I would probably love this.

But I would like to ask you if you know any good Indian short story collections. Could you recommend some of them to me? Should I just go back to reading children’s short story collections?