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What happens when a really cool artistic nerdy cat lover makes a webtoon? Everyone falls in love with it.

The Immortal Nerd is about Nokia, a young adult, living on a space station New Rauma. Nokia has just gotten their immortality and the best use they can come up with it is to browse the old internet all day long without eating or sleeping and not having to worry about dying of hunger. After three weeks of old internet Nokia’s parents decide they’ve had enough.

What happens next? Nokia is sent to earth to study what she claimed she wanted to study. Internet Memes from the early years.

The author of this webtoon, Hanna-Pirita, was born in a tiny village in Finnish countryside. The population of the village was only 150 people and because most of them were elderly people, all Hanna-Pirita was able to do was to draw comics. It was a lucky coincidence that she got to love comics and she is still making them!

This Webtoon is really great. It has cats, a non gender specific character who doesn’t give two hoots about waxing and shaving but is obsessed with hygiene, a really cool roommate with tinted glasses and a friend who hates showering. It’s going really well so far (I’m on episode 14) and I suggest downloading Line and reading it NOW.