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Author: Vibhor Tikiya

Publisher: Srishti

Genre: Drama

Summary: Dharam is a dream institution for its founders and employees alike, who give it their sweat and blood. In time, it prospers owing to the fine acumen of its owners and efforts of its employees. Prakash is caught in the web of fulfilling his father’s dying wish and gives up his dream job to take up the mantle of responsibility at Dharam. A radical thinker equipped with modern ways of working, he sets the company and workers on a path of development, though with much resistance to his methods.

Uday’s humble origins and difficult childhood inspire him to dream big, he dreams of equality and fair treatment for the weaker sections of the society. He believes it is his Dharam to raise his voice against any injustice. The fight between a man’s belief and an institution’s values becomes a tussle between the haves and the have-nots, acquiring magnanimous proportions. Both believe they are right and are willing to do what is needed to be done for their Dharam.

Thoughts : This book is not written in any particular style. I wouldn’t really say that the author goes deep into the story or characters, in fact it is more like he is scratching the surface of the actual story. But the scratch is done in a very beautiful way. While you may not know every thought that someone has it’s enough for you to get an idea about what the character feels.
What I particularly love about this story is how each character is loveable in their own way. Right from Chand to Prakash to Jha and Uday, they are all built well and it’s hard to pick a side to support. Uday may be good but he is also bad. Prakash may be good but he is also bad. It’s only the characters in the periphery that are clearly characterised but you don’t really care about them anyway. The relationship between Jha, Prakash and Sanjay really made this an enjoyable read for me.

It is also quite obvious (if you are Indian and know someone who owns or has worked in a factory) to know where the story is going and how it will all wrap up. That being said I really like the way this book ended. It was realistic with none of the usual Bollywood clichés that books nowadays resort to.

One thing I will say. If this book had been more detailed or if the story had been longer or the characters more deeply described this would have the potential to be a 5 star book. (I won this book in a goodreads giveaway)

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