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I had promised earlier that I would try and review every second hand book store I recommend and I have made an order from Booksreuse, using the last of my book budget for the first quarter of the year. (Ssssh, don’t tell but I’ll probably sneakily buy books next month too!)


I originally ordered a Margaret Atwood book but after a few days of waiting I decided to check what the delay was. Turns out it wasn’t in stock. So I gave it a couple of days to get rid of my disappointment and went back to check. Boy am I glad I did.

I found a lot of books from my Amazon wishlist on here and I ordered the two that were topmost on my TBR.

I made the order on the 2nd of Jan, 2016. The confirmation was received immediately and it was shipped, with an apology for the delay, on the 5th. I received them today.

The package was very neatly wrapped with this thick, heavy duty waterproof wrapper with theIMG_3250 logo of the website on it. Makes me think that they are very serious about their operation and are probably here to stay. Opening up the waterproof outer wrapping reveals a thin inner wrapping within which is this cardboard something. I’m not sure what to call it. It’s not a book, it’s a piece of cardboard that is wrapped around the books to keep their shape.

Once you rip into that, desperate to get to the goodies, your books are revealed, wrapped in a very large printout of the bill.


I am very happy with my order. I will definitely order from them again once my budget is replenished. I will say that there are other websites that have the most widely available books are cheaper rates (Like Alexander McCall Smith, Terry Pratcett and Rowling) but this is a brilliant site to get those books that you’ve been wanting to get but can’t find in any second hand bookstores. (My complete list of secondhand book stores)

Rating 3/5 (2 stars have been removed for not having the book in stock and not informing me and for the hard to reach customer care)