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You’ve probably made a whole bunch of resolutions in your mind already and are now sitting and wondering if you can possibly manage to go ahead and finish them all. And some of you probably made a goal to read more. Or maybe to support some lesser known artists. Or maybe nature. I, if I might be so humble, have the answers to all your problems.

1. Line Webtoons :


This is one of my favourite apps of all time. I get to read fun webtoons/manhwas almost every day of the week (I’m subscribed to a lot of them and they all get updated on different days) and I always end or start my day on a great note.

My current favourites are Adventures Of An Average Girl, Chiller and DICE. I also use this to keep up with Cheese in the trap but I think that’s getting a little weird now so I’m not recommending it till I know how it turns out.

You can also read the toons on their website but why not just download the app so you can pick up where you left off easily.

Download iOS and Android.

2. Audiobooks


This is a great app that gives you a list of free audiobooks that are available in its archives. The books are classics and are done by volunteers who are pretty good at narrating stories in a professional way. My favourite was Anne of Green Gables and Dracula. The narrators were amazing and I couldn’t pull out the earphones even though I already know the stories. You can also listen to Podcasts on it.

This is the perfect app to catch up with those classics that you’ve been meaning to read but just balked at the size of the books.

Download here for iOS.

3. Bookchor


If you want to save paper but don’t want to risk your eye health by reading too much on an e-reader then second hand books are the way to go. Also a good way to save money. I’ve ordered from them three times already and while their app is unorganised and things are scattered all over the place this is still the best among all the second hand book store apps in the Indian market. With books for as cheap as 30 rupees it is hard to resist. Bookchor also offers free shipping over 100 rupees.

I know it’s sad that they only have an Android app but the folks over at Bookchor have promised me that an iOS app is in the making and I’ll let you know of its launch as soon as I know. Till then you can use their website to go through their collections! If you can’t wait to buy some secondhand books go through my post here to see where else you can get them.