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Tales of 2015

The year is coming to an end. And I’ve achieved almost all my resolutions for 2015. I haven’t learnt baking yet. I haven’t joined an Isha yoga class yet. I haven’t managed to learn a new language and I haven’t lost that nagging extra four KGs; but everything else has been achieved. I was feeling particularly proud of having achieved my book goal and then I went and decided to have a closer look at my list.

Usually, I make sure that I buy from local bookstores. I also make sure that I read only books that I enjoy; dropping things the second they start to bore me. This, I realised, isn’t the best way to go about reading books. I probably would never discover new authors. I would also probably never get to read about different cultures and the way things were going it looked like I would keep reading and re-reading Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings over and over again.

That was then.

Now, this year, I set myself a goal of a hundred books. It seems like such a small number but it wasn’t. Especially since I spent most of the year wondering why my eyes were constantly blurry. But I managed to read a hundred books, even surpassing my goal by five. I’ll probably finish another book before the year ends. So it’ll be six. A hundred and six books is a lot for someone who didn’t have the right glasses and spend almost a month adjusting to her new, now permanent, glasses.

But there was still something missing. A hundred books are great but what hundred books did I read?

While the books I read were from different genres the books I did not read were looming over me pointing a trembling, accusing finger at me. Of the books I read this year only thirty five were by female authors. Only 35! Out of a hundred and six. That is shameful.

If that wasn’t bad enough only 23 were Indian. Majority of the rest were either from the US or from UK. And among those 23 Indian books only two or three were set in someplace that wasn’t Mumbai or Delhi(Not counting self help/Mythology). I find that appalling. Aren’t there any other places to write about? Or read about?

One among my 106 books is of Swedish origin, three from South Korea, one from France and three from Japan.

To Sum up……I don’t practice diversity in books. My bookshelf doesn’t have unity in diversity (You’ll get this if you’re Indian)

As a new year resolution I’ve decided to read more books.

50% of the books I read should be from a female author.

30% of the books I read should be by an author from a non English speaking country (Indian doesn’t count)

30% of the books I read should be by an author of Indian origin.

And among the remaining 30% I would like to read an equal number of English and American authors (I’m including Canada and the other English speaking countries as well in this. Basically splitting it into American English and actual English)

I suppose that is diverse enough?

Oh and one last thing. This year, 2016, I’m going to try and read as many books as possible from states other than Delhi and Mumbai. Books set in any other state by an author from any other state. You can refer to my post here about it and please leave suggestions there. Share with as many people from as many states as you know (who read of course) so I can get more suggestions! I want 2016 to be as diverse a reading year as possible, for me. And your help toward that would be greatly appreciated. I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with Blogadda as well.