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I was tagged by Jen from Combustible Reviews. Thank you Jen. I’m very excited to do a tag where the questions aren’t generic!

The rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog in you post
2. Answer the questions the blogger who nominated you provided
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers
4. Create 10 new questions for your nominees to answer

1. What would you consider the most important/significant book you’ve read and why?

A – The Gift Of Fear. It is written by Gavin De Becker. An ex FBI agent who is called the country’s leading expert on violent behaviour by Oprah. I was recommended this by a friend abroad to learn how to keep myself safe when necessary. (She basically said “You live in India; read this book. Sad to hear what our country’s reputation is.)

It covers instinct, behaviour and necessary actions when you’re in trouble. I loved this book and it is something I will teach my daughters if I ever have any. Read this if you haven’t already.

2. Do you have any pets?

I want one! I had one when I was little but we didn’t get one after that. Now that I’m all grown up I want a dog, preferably a corgi. Or a tiny black kitten with a white ear.

3. Which was your favourite read of 2015?

If you got the previous reference you know which it is. Ocean at the end of the lane by Neil Gaiman. I had previously read only American Gods which I quickly dropped. But upon persuasion I picked this one up. I’m glad I did. I may have found my favourite book and I shall be getting a black kitten with a white ear and call her Lettie. (I would call it Ocean but I know someone called ocean and she’d get offended.)

4. What genre do you most prefer to read?

Thrillers and Detective stories. My love for the latter has been strong from my childhood Famous Five and Secret Seven days and I started liking the former when I picked up Sidney Sheldon from my elder brother’s shelves in my teens. I started on Magical Realism a couple of years ago.

I actually thought it was Fantasy; when I went through my shelves I realised the only fantasy I own is Harry Potter, LOTR and a few books by Terry Pratchett. Sad realisation.

5. Which genre do you not prefer to read?

Erotica and Chick Lit. I don’t actually have a problem with Chick Lit as a genre. But it is a rather annoying term when you take into account that the books are all emotional and breezy. I know men that are far more emotional than women so I take offense at the term Chick Lit. It’s sort of silent protest.

6. What other hobbies do you enjoy?

I crochet. Knit. Does cooking count? I’m thinking of starting a cooking blog so I suppose it does. I garden some. (What I really mean is that I have four cacti and two basil plants.)

I used to embroider but if you read my glasses story you’ll figure out why I’ve stopped that. I’m also learning Amigurimi now. I made a teddy bear that looks like a possessed red rat but soon, hopefully, I’ll make something that looks like what it is supposed to look like.

7. Which book do you like to recommend to people?

I love recommending Indian books to my International book lover friends and International translated books to Indian friends. So the books I’ve recommended the most: Chanakya’s Chant / The Siege Of Madurai and to my Indian friends Naoko / 1Q84.

8. Favourite film of 2015?

CHAPPIE! I enjoyed this movie more than anything else I watched this year. I was really surprised to see Hugh Jackson in a negative role. And how cool was Dev Patel’s role. Not to mention Chappie himself.

Notice I didn’t say loved. The movie was surprising to me and I’m glad that the ending was as it was instead of a clichéd everyone supports everyone that most movies normally have. While I would have changed a few things I certainly don’t think that would have made the movie better. Watch it if you haven’t already.

9. What is your favourite dessert?

It’s Paal-Aada-Payasam. Or Ila-neer payasam. It is a very sweet “porridge” made during auspicious festivals. The former is made from cream and the latter with Coconut water.

It is heavenly and very indulgent but I love it and it is one of the only reasons I will never become a complete vegan. (the second reason being cheese!)

10. How do you organize your books?

I organise my books by author. Then by genre. Then by country of origin.

So all my translated Japanese books are in one shelf and all my translated Indian work is in another shelf. Most of my one time reads (Patterson /Kinsella) are usually packed off in one of the closed shelves.

It’s a complicated process and I will explain more if my blog ever becomes big enough for me to do a bookshelf tour.

My questions:

1. What country are you from? Tell me something about your place that is not a commonly known fact.

2. What do you normally do while eating breakfast?

3. What is a New Year resolution you are determined to fulfil in 2016?

4. Do you collect anything?

5. Do you listen to any podcasts? Recommend some to me. If not, why?

6. Are you part of a physical book club? (Off Goodreads)

7. What was an unexpectedly great book this year?

8. Do you have other bookish hobbies? (Cosplay? Wizard poetry? Are you secretly a member of the order of the phoenix?)

9. If you could change one thing about your favourite book, what would it be?

10. Have you met your favourite author? Did you like them or did you hate them?

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Please don’t feel pressured to do the tag. It’s just for fun, nothing like homework.

Merry Christmas everyone.