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I was unable to sleep last night and decided to browse the vast endless spiralling rabbit hole that is Youtube. After two no knead bread videos and one woeful replace your carbs with cauliflower one I spotted this video. A beautiful video about one woman’s journey through the world, one book from one country at a time through one year.

Since I’m lazy and not really interested in doing much more than lying in bed, eating and reading, I decided to steal her idea and come up with my New Year Resolution.

One book, set in each state of this vast country.

Just like Ann Morgan said, most of the books on my shelf are either from authors in Delhi or Mumbai or are set in Delhi and Mumbai. It’s a narrow world and while there is the odd book from a different place it isn’t the same as being familiar with the people of my own country!

So i’m making a list of states and writing off the books set in said places that I’ve read and reading one from each of the other places.

I WILL be needing many many recommendations. please help guys.

Thank you.

What is your Bookish Resolution?