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icon175x175We all love talking about our favourite books, giving people recommendations and watching them as they gush about the book to someone else. It makes us feel proud to have passed on that feeling of euphoria to someone else. But what about getting recommendations?

I personally don’t know anyone who reads as much as I do. Most of my friends are Movie buffs or TV show/Anime buffs. Getting book recommendations for me has become something of a rare event. I started watching booktube just to get them but one day, I had my eyes dilated by the over enthusiastic ophthalmologist and had absolutely nothing to do. Enter podcasts!

While lying on my sofa and moaning about how miserable I was to be unable to finish my book, I remembered that I had subscribed to a podcast that someone on booktube recommended and I had already downloaded the episode. I plugged in my headphones (after mistaking four chargers for them) and tapped on the blurry triangle to play my first episode of Oh Witch Please.

1. Witch Please


This is a podcast that is all about Harry Potter. And we all know that anyone who has even an iota of good taste would love Harry potter. But what makes this special is that it isn’t about the greatness of HP. Yes, HP is great, Rowling is awesome but it isn’t perfect. And this podcast shows that off in a hilarious, feminist, pro diversity way that makes everyone feel like thay deserved a place in HP but didn’t get it. Just Kidding. On a more serious note, Parvati and Padma Patil are Hindus, they should have mentioned that somewhere. And WHERE are the Jews!? Hosted By Hannah McGregor and Marcelle Kosman, this podcast is guilt free potter indulgence at its finest.

You can subscribe on iTunes.

2. Oh Comics!

download (1)This was the first (and only) comics podcast I turned to when I realised that comics aren’t just for kids. They’ve introduced me to so many comic books (which are all too expensive in India and are therefore still on my Amazon wishist) and made me fall in love with shows like Jessica Jones and Daredevil. Of course some of the comics recommended did not work out for me but there are others, like Fables, that really made me want to start my own collection. Hosted by Paul Montgomery and Preeti Chhibber (Yes, you read that right, an Indian, by origin atleast) this show is entertaining, rambling and a good fun listen.

You can listen to it on iTunes.

3. Overdue Books


You know that list of books that you’ve been meaning to read and you haven’t yet? And you’ve told everyone that you’ve read it because you think you’re the only one who hasn’t? Well, as it turns out, you aren’t the only one who hasn’t read those books. Andrew and Craig from Overdue books tackle their backlog of those must read books and discuss it in this weekly podcast. Fifty Shades of Grey is coming up as I write this and I can’t wait to know what they think.

Listen to this on iTunes if you want to decide which of those overrated / aptly rated books you want to tackle next or if you want to know enough to fake having read it.

These are my current favourites. I listen to a lot more and will recommend them when I feel like I can’t hold back any longer. Do you have a Podcast to recommend?