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 Author : Eirik Gumeny
Publisher : Jersey Devil Press

Genre : Bizzaro fiction, Horror

Summary : Thor, former Norse God of Thunder, has returned to his day job at the Secaucus Holiday Inn, surlier than ever. His Google alert for “Ragnarok” is bringing in fewer and fewer results, and he’s beginning to think that the Twilight of the Gods might never come to free him from the hellish nightmare that is minimum-wage customer service.

But then Timmy, a telekinetic, telepathic super-squirrel, comes skittering back into Thor’s life, bruised and slightly smoking after having his tail handed to him by a two-hundred-year-old mad scientist in a robotic exoskeleton. The rodent needs help, and, despite his best intentions, that help is going to have to be Thor and his friends Chester A. Arthur XVII and Queen Victoria XXX.

Thoughts : To be perfectly honest this wasn’t as great as book one. I might have gone in with my expectations too high. 

It might also be the fact that I’ve never seen the inside of a sex shop. Or the outside for that matter. 

Book two picks up 13 months after book one ends with Timmy making a comeback and then losing half his powers almost instantly. Chester A. Arthur XVII dies (kind of) and Queen Victoria XXX rushed to avenge his death. Thor and his friends go on a mission to save Chester and so on and so forth. 

The book was hilarious at places. Thoroughly crazy everywhere and absolutely maniacal. But it wasn’t as brilliant as book one. 

I could simply be prejudiced because I love Timmy too much and wanted him to have a much bigger chunk. I hope he does in book three.

Three stars.