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I had mentioned Bookchor on my Secondhand books page. It’s an android app (soon to come to ios as well, i head) where you can purchase secondhand books at a reasonable price. I thought instead of just recommending places to you folks without knowing anyone who has shopped from them isn’t right. So, I made an order. And here it is. Well almost.


I made the order on the 12th of November and received the confirmation immediately. I had some issues with the app (totally my fault) and i contacted the customer care on twitter and got a really quick and detailed response telling m what to do.

I received the package on the 18th. The package was trackable through the app. You go to orders, then go to the particular order, copy the tracking number and then paste it when the track button opens to the website. Quick and fast. I like how these folks have thought of almost everything.


The package came in a plastic waterproof bag. Inside that the books were individually wrapped in clingfilm. Now that’s some serious waterproofing.



The books i’ve ordered (except for one which is being shipped from another warehouse) are above. I accidentally ordered the wrong Kazuo Ishiguro book, I wanted we the orphans but Ive ordered this and put that in my wishlist instead of the other way round. The books themselves are pretty well maintained, no missing pages, no fragile pages and not much browning. Slight yellowing but no browning.

Ok, now about the app.

It’s great, I love how there is a wishlist, an about section where the book details have been uploaded and I love the price range. The books above cost me 200 rupees only. Which is pretty awesome.

What I dislike is how disorganised the app is. I can’t find most of the books I want through genre. And i always starts at the same area, academic books that I don’t care about. I get that others need academic books but I don’t. I wish I could just select the genre I wanted and easily browse through the collection there.

Bookchor is a place i will definitely be ordering again from. Not just because of the prices, but also the cute bookmarks.