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Author : L. E. Wilson

Genre : Fantasy

Summary : The ancient folklore of the Jackalope – a horned superhero – comes to life in the story of Check-mas, a New Year’s celebration that inspires gratefulness, kindness and happiness.
This enhanced edition includes the following interactive elements:
animation, audio, sing-along music, video and list making.
18 beautifully illustrated pages
4 historical re-prints
1 humorous poem

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My Thoughts : I’m wasn’t sure if this is a Christmas thing or a New year thing when i started because I’ve never heard of a Jacktalope legend. Of course I don’t celebrate Christmas being a Hindu and new year isn’t as big a deal here in India as it is in western countries so I can’t quite say I know much about it.

But this book was something i enjoyed inspite of that. It was raining heavily and there was nothing much to do so I sat back in my bed and pulled on the covers, much like the mom, and started “flipping” through this book. The verses are quick and catchy and easy to go through and the art work is detailed and fun. I wouldn’t say that it was as detailed as some of the graphic novels and comics i’ve read but i suppose it was detailed enough for a younger audience.

Pick this up if you’re looking for a nice fun read for the new year for you and your family.