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Author : Eirik Gumeny

Publisher : Jersey Devil Press

Genre : Post Apocalyptic, Bizzaro Fiction, Humour

Summary : There had been twenty-two apocalypses to date. There were now four distinct variations of humanity roaming the earth – six, if you counted the undead.
It had been suggested that there really should have been a new word to describe “the end of everything forever,” but most people had stopped noticing, much less caring, after the tally hit double digits. Not to mention the failure of “forever” in living up to its potential.
The last apocalypse wasn’t even considered a cataclysm by most major governments.
It was just a Thursday.
Exponential Apocalypse is the tender, heart-stirring tale of crappy jobs, a slacker cult, an alcoholic Aztec god, reconstituted world leaders, werewolves, robots, and the shenanigans of multiple persons living after the twentieth-aught end of the world. Fast-paced, frenetic, funny, and frequently fond of other f-words, Exponential Apocalypse is the only book that will have you looking forward to the end of the world.

My Thoughts : Huh

I like Timmy.

Thor is kinda awesome. Certainly better than all the guys i’ve dated.

I might be becoming a bit like Quetzalcoatl. Or maybe I am? I wish i were a serpent person.

I’m never becoming an Aztec.

Why is this book not more popular? It should be appearing on lists everywhere!

This book is utterly insane. Do you know how to read this book? Just forget everything you know about everything and then read this book. Try not to read it on a coffee high.

Timmy the squirrel is a telepathic (or telekinetic?) squirrel and is the coolest character yet. Iw wonder if someone could have a discussion with the author and start a cartoon based on Timmy. I like Timmy.

I’m struggling to review this. Can you tell?

Ok, here goes… *Cracks knuckles* This book is bloody brilliant. I’m usually not a fan of language and despise using it but somehow it didn’t bother me in this book. In fact it fit right in. I wonder how old Queen Victoria was when she was cloned. You’d think she’d want tea more than coffee. Maybe she got bored of tea?

Thor: god of housekeeping. I’m like the pillow fetishist. Only i like blankets.

I’m doing such a great job reviewing this book.

The book is quirky, to say the least, and perfect if you like offbeat in general or right on track movies from Japan. I am one such person and man I loved this book. I finished it as fast as I could and I can’t wait to get started on the next in the series. I really hope Timmy comes back. The only thing I’d wish were different was the last bit. It felt like it slowed down a bit and then picked up again. but you know what, forget that. This book is a great book if you like…..fantasy, humour, unadulterated language and Judy Garland’s ghost in a zombie humping the couch.

I wonder if the scientist Judy was taken over by Judy garland’s ghost.

Pick this up. NOW. Exponential Apocalypse
Kindle edition is like 62 rupees. GO grab it.)

or grab the physical book here.